Singer Navio Speaks Out On Mom’s Attack

Joy and celebrations rocked Makindye General Court martial as relatives and friends of the two UPDF officers Brig Ondoga and Sam Kirya were set free on the charges of failure to execute duties.

Brig Ondoga had also been accused by the UPDF hierarchy of despising the Special Forces commander Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba, pharmacy remedy and speaking with disrespect to him when the latter visited their camp a couple of years ago.

On acquitting these two, link stuff the General court martial chairman Maj Gen Levi Karuhanga ruled that the prosecution side failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the two accused persons failed to perform their duties.

He said state for instance could not prove that the commanders in the Uganda AMISOM Contingent had failed to stop illegal power connections at Aljazeera training center.

It emerged during the hearing that during Ondoga’s predecessor Brig Dick Olum rise to office, the same issue was reported to him and he had the power disconnected.

Chairman Karuhanga added state prosecution should produced Brig Dick Olum and the Contingent Engineer of that time as key witnesses in this case.

L-R Counsel Geofrey Kandebe Brig Ondoga and his wife

L-R Counsel Geofrey Kandebe Brig Ondoga and his wife

“It was essential to have all the key officers in this matter to testify in court, to explain how the power disconnection was done and it could have been from their testimony that court could establish whether the accused performed their duties”  Karuhanga remarked.

Frank Kanduho, Brig Ondoga’s lawyer upon the judgment praised court for standing sturdy to deliver justice to his clients.

Lt Kirya's daughter celebrating her Dad's victory

Lt Kirya’s daughter celebrating her Dad’s victory

Meanwhile after flipping the seven charges in the General court martial, Brigadier Ondoga is remaining with one more case to battle before the General court martial.

This case is expected to resume on Friday when his lawyers are expected to file in his bail application

Lt Col Kirya has been set free while Ondoga remains in detention at the Makindye Military Barracks.


Dr Maggie Kigozi’s youngest son Daniel Kigozi, visit better known in entertainment as Navio, sales has spoken to Chimpreports about circumstances under which his mother was attacked and stabbed by assailants on Wednesday morning.

The former Managing Director for Uganda Investment Authority was attacked by unknown burglars injuring her and her niece Berna in the wee hours of the night.

According to Navio, the assailants struck at around 3am when everyone  was asleep.

“The 2 assailants seized the opportunity of the heavy downpour, and broke in through the roof before they started stabbing the two women, who were alone in the house,” Navio narrated.

“They stabbed mom in the hand whereas the niece also sustained injuries but in the scuffle they were able to fight back on top of making alarms that attracted neighbors which scared the attackers away.”

According to Navio, the motive of the assailants is not yet known. He says in the scuffle they dropped and left behind one of their weapons as they fled.

“We did a sweep through the area with the CIID, Special Task Force and the police Canine unit as we followed the footprints for a few kilometers but we lost them at a taxi and bodaboda stop,” added the singer.

He added that his mother who is at Nakasero Hospital is now in a stable condition but has been advised by doctors to be kept out of visitors until she fully recovers.

“She has just come out of the surgery room and the doctors have advised that no one should see her today so that she gets enough time to rest,” Navio added.


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