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Shs15bn PENSION SAGA: Lawyer Kasango Fires Back at Matovu

Lawyer Bob Kasango says he is being crucified for telling the truth

President Museveni has reiterated that no one has the capacity to destabilize the country.

The President made the remarks on Wednesday in Entebbe Municipality during the passing out parade of 1, treatment advice 203 cadres who have completed a one-month political and military training course.

During the ceremony, the President also warmly received over 500 members of the Democratic Party (DP), Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) who crossed to the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

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“There is peace in Uganda. No one has the capacity to destabilize Uganda,” he said in response to concerns expressed by the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) of Rukungiri, Ms. Harriet Nakamya who criticized some members of the opposition that are promoting negative propaganda against the President and the NRM Government.

President Museveni commended the Deputy RDC in charge of Entebbe Sub-District, Ms. Rose Kirabira for organizing the one month cadre course. He also thanked the cadres for attending and completing their training.

Turning to wealth creation for the people of Uganda, the President said that “education, commercial agriculture and wealth creation based on skills, provided 3 major channels that can be used to eradicate household poverty. He called on the children and the youth at large to concentrate on their studies so that they are assured of a bright future.”

He informed the cadres that commercial agriculture was a good channel to enable poverty eradication efforts.

Museveni cited the example of a youth who lives along the Mbarara- Kabale road who generates over Shs 500 million per annum from the production of chicken eggs.

He also informed them of a big poultry farm in Semuto, Luwero District which produces broilers for export to Kenya and the Middle East region as another way of fighting poverty.

The President appealed to the people who live around Kampala City to cherish the opportunities at their disposal by engaging and excelling in good profit minting activities such as poultry farming.

He also reminded them of the potential to rear pigs and cultivation of vegetables that can do well on small pieces of land.

President Museveni revealed that through skills’ based wealth creation, such as fish farming, the people have the chance and ability to generate wealth.

He at this juncture, said that he has asked General Salim Saleh to train women in weaving clothes adding that people have the opportunity to make varieties of products such as bed covers. He urged the people to consider skills based wealth creation because, he noted, it would enable them to eradicate poverty.

President Museveni assured the gathering that he would address the issue of improving service at Entebbe Hospital and that plans were underway to provide boats equipped with radar on Lake Victoria as part of the measures to address the issue of illegal immigrants. He noted that the new facilities would enhance security within the Lake Victoria area.

Regarding infrastructure development, the President directed the new Executive Director of the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) Ms. Allen Kagina to address the issue of compensating people that have been affected by the construction of the new Kampala – Entebbe Highway. He further said that people who lost their bibanja to Kasenyi Military Barracks must be compensated.

Turning to education, President Museveni said that it is the NRM Government’s policy to provide a Primary School in every ward/Muluka and a Government Secondary School in every Division. He, therefore, directed officials of Wakiso district to implement this policy.


On the welfare of wananchi, the President cautioned people against alcoholism. He also sounded a warning to wananchi, particularly the youth, to guard against the risks of the HIV/AIDS scourge. He reminded them to appreciate the fact that one’s health is wealth.

President Museveni pledged a donation of Shs. 20 million to boost the ventures of the Entebbe based Atanayita Savings and Credit Co-operative Organization (SACCO).

Wakiso District Woman Member of Parliament, Hon. Rosemary Sseninde, strongly criticized people who have been in Government and turned back to cause conflict. She assured President Museveni of full support from Wakiso district adding that they will never allow have the people to be politically confused. She urged them not to listen to the traitors.

Rukungiri RDC, Ms. Harriet Nakamya criticized members of the opposition who are promoting negative propaganda against the NRM Government.

She introduced over 500 members of DP, UPC and FDC whom she said had previously been poisoned politically who have decided to cross to NRM.

The group was led by Mr. Richard Kania and a UPC official Ben Bela.

The Deputy RDC of Entebbe Sub-District, Ms. Rose Kirabira, saluted President Museveni for his dedication to serve the country. She reported that the cadre course was organized to provide political, military training and Pan Africanism exposure, among other issues.

She revealed that the people of Entebbe love President Museveni adding that they have pledged to support him during the 2016 General E lections.

She thanked the Commander of Special Forces Command, Brig. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, for the key role he has played in organizing the course.

The Commander of the course, Captain Kawesa Bigali Buganda, revealed that it was organized by the Office of the Chief Political Commissar.

He pledged commitment to continue with the struggle to liberate Uganda.
The incumbent Democratic Party (DP) president, click Norbert Mao has today picked nomination forms to run for the party presidency during the forthcoming Delegates Conference slated for July 23 to 26 at Katomi Resort in Garuga.

Mao will be battling the Buikwe South Member of Parliament, Dr. Lulume Bayiga who has also picked nominations through his agent, Paul Luyombya.

East African Member of Parliament, Fred Mukasa Mbidde is eying the National Vice President slot and hs nomination form was picked by Dr. Gerald Ssiranda.

Mao, however, about a month ago said he had taken a decision to relinquish his childhood dream of leading Uganda, if it is at the expense of national peace.

He made remarks in May while delivering his key note address at a three day National Reconciliation Conference held at Speke Resort Munyonyo.

“My purpose in life is much higher than just going to sit in State House,” he told the conference. “There are two important days in one’s life; the day you were born and the day you discover the purpose for which you were born,” added Mao who at that time was recuperating from a serious ailment.

The Democratic Party announced this week that he had fully recovered and that he would be resuming office in a couple of weeks’ time.

Meanwhile, Dr. Gerald Siranda a NEC member from Bukedi region and UYD President also expressed interest to stand for the Vice Secretary General and picked forms today.

The exercise of picking forms was successfully conducted by the party administrator, Peter Ssempijja at the party headquarters in Kampala, who has assured members that the party is secure.

“The attack that happened on Tuesday was just an ambush by hooligans and I want to take this opportunity to assure all members that the headquarters are secure and we are hoping that the exercise will run smoothly with no chaos,” Ssempijja noted.

He rubbished allegations that the party is under police deployment adding that the party’s security team is in place and will do a smooth and effective work.

According to the set party road map, the picking of nomination forms exercise is expected to end tomorrow 26th July.
Kampala lawyer Bob Kasango has accused his learned friend John Matovu of not being honest about their multi-billion business deal, sildenafil saying the latter’s widely-publicised assertions are nothing but lies.

Matovu told Parliament Accounts Committee this week that he approached Kasango who boasts big ‘connections’ to help him collect professional fees of 12 per cent (Shs3.42 billion) of the total figure of Shs28 billion granted by court as compensation for pensioners.

Matovu further claimed that Kasango would receive 1 per cent of the collected money with 2 per cent going to some unknown third parties.

He further said Kasango, viagra 40mg whom he described as a “thief”, “broke“ and “slippery man”,  instead gave him Shs 1.3 billion and that he has since dragged the latter to the Commercial Court for a payment of Shs 12 billion.

“Kasango is a slippery man. I filed a summary suit in Commercial Court and as I speak, I have an arrest warrant for him which I obtained in October last year. I went to police but they have not helped me,” he was quoted by daily Monitor as saying.

“The bill of costs (Shs3.9b) was calculated under the table and I did not instruct Kasango to collect this money on my behalf. He created a different court order, which allowed him present and obtain two certificates of costs for two counsels. He forged documents to get this money from the government and he did all this behind my back,” he added.

Kasango Fires Back

In an exclusive interview with ChimpReports on Friday, Kasango expressed shock that “Matovu particularly accuses me of having forged the court order and goes on to state that I took on a role that was not for me.”

He added: “He claims I owe him Shs 12bn but in the same breath states that he knows only of an agreement of 12 percent of Shs 28.5bn, of which he ought to have retained only 9 percent. His contention begs the questions: What is 9 percent of Shs 28.5bn? Is it Shs 12bn??”

Kasango, who claims the negative publicity, has led to the suspension of his practicing certificates in United States, added: “And if he (Matovu) says the court order was forged, and it is basing on the said court order that the payment was procured, then why would he be pursuing me for a payment premised on a forged court document?”

He further observed that, “For an ‘honourable’ lawyer like him (Matovu), why would he not do the right thing, i.e., go to court, denounce me and pursue the payment with orders that are not the subject of contention?”

“He should now be pushing for me to refund the money to government so that he properly collects it.  That he has not done. Just like the rest involved in this matter, they have continued to avoid the question of the handwriting expert.”

Addressing PAC, Matovu said the court orders Kasango used to obtain the money from government were fake and that the only agreement he signed with the pensioners was talking about 12 per cent, not 30 per cent.

“I don’t know where Kasango got another agreement with my clients. He manipulated documents from court. He collected my money and ate it and collected government money and also ate it,” the lawyer added.

However, Kasango told this website that, “I have never claimed to have participated in this case at any stage before trial. I have made it clear that my participation started shortly before the judgment was read and I did not appear in court at any one time.”

Kasango challenged Matovu to “say what documents he passed on to me to pursue the claim. He should also say when and how he delivered them to me. Because the orders in issue were delivered around the same period and in the same manner as the rest of the documents.”

A businessman with interests in the media and real estate, Kasango further said the “Most surprising is the allegation by Matovu that he does not know of the 30 percent Agreement and that I cheated the Pensioners. This Agreement was signed between myself and the Pensioners in my office in the presence of Emmanuel Kakenga, Matovu’s brother.”

“The problem with all these accusations is that they are projected by the perpetrators and the press as though they were the truth and they hurt. Because their “truth” is projected as unassailable and sacrosanct. Mine is projected as a concoction of lies and unbelievable. An unbelieved truth can hurt a man much more than a lie. It takes great courage to back truth unacceptable to our times. There’s a punishment for it, and it’s usually crucifixion. And I am being crucified for the truth,” he concluded.


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