Shopping Guide for Food Items in Kampala Markets Ahead of Christmas


Christmas is drawing closer with only two days left to the most anticipated day on the Christian calendar.

The fever for the festivities is already heightened and this often comes with a rush for shopping clothings and food items early enough to avoid price hikes.

Business is visibly buzzing in Kampala city and the outskirts majority of the buyers being those that intend to travel to their upcountry homes.

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It has become a custom that people purchase items from Kampala given that they are often cheaper and in variety compared to other distant towns.

On Thursday afternoon, information pills ChimpReports ventured into the city to ascertain the different commodity prices on food items.

We reached Wandegeya and Kalerwe markets as well as the central business market in Nakasero and there was major similarities in prices of meat, matoke, cooking, chicken and other groceries like beans and tomatoes.


In Wandegeya market, a bunch of market costs Ugsh 25,000 and above, a kilogram of rice costs Ugsh 3,500, sugar (kilogram) goes for Ugsh 4,500 while a kilo of beans costs Ugsh 3,300. Groundnuts go for Ugsh 5,800 a kilo while maize flour costs 2,500 a kilo. A litre off cooking oil costs Ugsh 5,500.

Irish potatoes and tomatoes are in quantities of Ugsh 2,000, Ugsh 5,000 and Ugsh 10,000.

Beef is at Ugsh 10,000, goat meat costs Ugsh 13,000 while liver is at Ugsh 14,000. Chicken off layers go for Ugsh 15,000.


Matooke (a bunch) in Kalerwe market along Gayaza road ranges from Ugsh 30,000 upwards depending on the size. Rice, maize flour and g.nuts cost Ugsh 3,500, 2,400 and Ugsh 6,000 respectively.

A kilo of sugar is at Ugsh 4,500 and a litre of cooking oil costs Ugsh 5,000. Beef, goat meat and liver cost Ugsh 10,000, Ugsh 13,000 and Ugsh 14,000 respectively.

For chicken, off layers cost Ugsh 15,000, local breed Ugsh 28,000 to 30,000 and parents cost Ugsh 40,000


Meat prices in the central market of Nakasero are similar to those in Wandegeya all items have similar prices. The same applies to beans, maize flour and Irish potatoes. However, a bunch of matoke costs Ugsh 30,000 and above while cooking oil goes for Ugsh 5,000.

Sugar is also Ugsh 200 less than in Wandegeya and Kalerwe.

Chicken is also in the three categories; off layers, locals and parents. They cost 15,000, Ugsh 30,000 and Ugsh 35,000.

We also visited Shoprite and Mega Standard super markets to understand whether there were any price variations.

A kilogram of packed chicken in Shoprite costs Ugsh 11,900 and Ugsh 15,000 in Mega. Sugar is at Ugsh 4,600 in Mega and Ugsh 4,400 in Shoprite.


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