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Shocked Ugandan Officials Quit Senegal Amid Morocco, Western Sahara Row

Ugandan Finance and diplomatic officials are returning from Senegal following a bitter row that disrupted the Conference of African Ministers of Finance, remedy http://conceive.ca/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/menu/theme-localization.php Planning and Economic Development of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).

The Ugandan delegation arrived in the Senegalese capital Dakar last week ahead of the –three-day meeting expected to start on Friday (March 24).

However, story for three days, pills the meeting failed to take off because the new African Union member state, Morocco, did not want to sit in the same conference with Saharawi Republic (Western Sahara).

Interestingly, Saharawi Republic is a founding member of AU.

“Morocco does not recognise Western Sahara as a country but only as part of Morocco and says they can’t share a platform with an ‘impostor’ from their own territory,” said a diplomatic source.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Margaret Kafeero, confirmed that Uganda had sent officials to the conference.

She was trying to reach them on Monday for an update on the incident in Dakar.

ChimpReports understands that crisis meetings were held to no avail, compelling organizers to defer the conference, themed “Growth, Inequality and Unemployment”, to a later date.


The development has reportedly angered several AU countries and could compel the continental body to take a robust action to save face.

Ugandan officials say this is exactly what they predicted would happen by readmitting Morocco in AU.

Morocco returned to the African Union last January after an absence of thirty years.

Uganda has been vocal in its reservations towards Morocco’s return given its implications for Saharawi Republic which is a founding member of the OAU.

In this regard, Uganda repeatedly stated that Morocco’s re-admittance should be on condition they agree to be bound by the AU Constitutive Charter which recognizes colonial borders.

Morocco agreed to the extent that the Constitutive Charter of the AU was aligned with their national constitution.

Their national constitution considers Western Sahara as part of Morocco.

Uganda and several other countries believe this is an illegal occupation of another Member State’s territory.

Morocco would later carry out a concerted campaign to get re-admittance first and discuss the borders later.

Uganda and about nine other countries disagreed with that approach on the grounds that the UN Security Council itself had failed to resolve the issue.

Nonetheless as a minority voice, Uganda had to move along with the rest of the AU members who voted in favor.

All the countries the Moroccan King visited prior to January voted in favor.

Rwanda and Tanzania were among those that supported Morocco’s application to rejoin the AU.

Uganda and the other countries that had reservations formally sought the opinion of the AU legal counsel on whether or not Morocco’s “proviso” as indicated in its commitment did or did not constitute a conditionality.


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