Shock As Govt Loses Shs 4 Trillion In Court Cases

Auditor General John Muwanga

Lubaga South Member of Parliament, viagra sale Kenny Lukyamuzi and Conservative Party president general is contemplating legal action against CBS presenter and DP member Kato Lubwama accusing him of using the Royal Radio to denigrate his name and that of his daughter, viagra sale Suzan Nampijja.

In a letter to Buganda Kingdom Prime Minister and CBS management seen by Chimpreports, Lukyamuzi complains that the two were yet to take action against Lubwama despite his earlier lodged grumble.

He says the radio presenter has continued to insult him through his Kalisoliso program which runs from 7:30 AM to 7: 50 AM daily.

Kato Lubwama is nursing ambitions to unseat Lubaga South MP Lukyamuzi in the oncoming 2016 general elections.

“My heart is bleeding over the fabricated utterances and insults mounted on me and my daughter Suzan Nampijja for the last two years on a daily basis,” Reads the letter in part.

“Kato Lubwama on a daily basis uses the Royal Radio to label us all sorts of things with condemnation that we don’t deserve to exist materially; he has tarnished our names with no explanation save that he wants to contest Lubaga South seat.”

“Lubwama’s deeds are actionable in court but our problem is that suing him would call for suing his employers as well under the doctrine of servant –master relationship; we are reluctant to do that until we have heard from you.”

Lukyamuzi added that Lubwama is doing a shame to his political party and the entire multi-party fraternity.

“A lot of what is uttered by Kato Lubwama in the said radio program is defamatory and in the tort of defamation, both the employer and the employee would be suable.”

“My family and I have a name to protect, we have not even decided whether we are contesting the Lubaga South seat again or not; why should he make our lives difficult?”

“The purpose of this letter is to seek for your legal advice on the way forward; we can’t stand Lubwama’s insults anymore.”

The letter was copied to Buganda Prime Minister, Charles Peter Mayega, the Speaker of Buganda [Lukiiko] parliament, Chairman Buganda caucus in parliament, J.S. Mayanja Nkanji, the Ag president Democratic Party, the managing editor CBS, Kaddu Kiberu, Suzan Nampijja and Kato Lubwama.
FUBA Awards


MVP Regular season: Sudi Ulanga

MVP Finals: Jimmy Enabu


MVP Regular season: Purity A Odhiambo

MVP Finals: Clare Lamunu

The season's MVP_ Jimmy Enabu receives his award from Peter Omara the commissioner Ministry of Education and Sports

The season’s MVP_ Jimmy Enabu receives his award from Peter Omara the commissioner Ministry of Education and Sports

City Oilers guard Jimmy Enabu won his first Airtel National Basketball League Most Valuable Player (MVP) award after helping the team capture the national title last year.

Enabu walked away with the gong at the belated 2014 Fuba Awards on Saturday evening at Sheraton Kampala Hotel’s Rwenzori Ballroom. He replaced teammate Kami Kabange.

Enabu averaged 13 for the Oilers, and who overturned UCU’s 2-0 lead in the semifinals for a 3-2 series win during the final stretch.

Noela Byuma Airtel Uganda Brands Assets and Properties Manager hands over the trophy to the lady winners KCCA Leopards

Noela Byuma Airtel Uganda Brands Assets and Properties Manager hands over the trophy to the lady winners KCCA Leopards

The ladies’ award went to Clare Lamunu who capped a hugely successful year by claiming the MVP and top scorers’ (76 points) accolades plus also helping the Gazelles qualify for the Afro basket and All Africa games.

Uganda National Basketball Teams were also honoured as basketball ambassador of the year for their participation on the Zone 5 Championships. League winners City Oil and KCCA were also decorated at the dinner.

These annual awards also strengthen the partnership between Airtel Uganda and the Federation of Uganda Basketball Associations (FUBA) which was conceived in 2012 when FUBA opened a new chapter in the Men and Women’s Basketball League by unveiling the “National Basketball League”.

“Airtel has invested heavily in sports in Uganda and throughout Africa as part of our on-going commitment to nurture talent and provide a platform for players to excel globally. Over the years of our sponsorship, website we have seen basketball as a whole growing and the players improving their individual skills, ” commented Airtel Uganda Head of Sales Mr. Ali Balunywa who spoke on behalf of main sponsor, Airtel Uganda.

“Let me also congratulate the national team men and women who qualified for the AFRO Basketball tournament, the biggest basketball tournament in Africa,” he added.

The FUBA president, Mr. Ambrose Tashobya wished the national men’s and women’s teams’ success as they go for the Afro Basketball tournament. “We wish you the very best and we hope you will qualify for the Olympics,” he said.

Fuba 2014 Awards

MVP Regular season DLeague Obwot Vincent
Most Upcoming Player Kalwanyi Samuel
Most Upcoming player Div 1 W Arach Javon Ladies
Most Defensive Team City Oil
Most Improved Team Sharing Youth
Most Abassador Basketball Team 2014 UPDF Tomhawks
Coach of the Year Mandy Juruni
Most Out Standing Performance Duxx
Most Disciplined Team Women Javon ladies
Most Disciplined Team Men ABACODE
Most Defensive Team Women KCCA
Most Defensive Team Div1 Women Nabisunsa girls

As Ugandans eagerly wait for the Financial Year 2015/2016 budget, order fresh reports have emerged that government has incurred losses totaling to Shs 4.3 trillion nearly one third of the last year`s total budget.

The staggering loss going up from 2.2 trillion arose from numerous court cases lost by the government to the individuals.

The shocking development came out during the presentation of the Auditor General`s report of 2013/2014 to Parliament on Tuesday, approved handed to the Deputy Speaker, cheapest Jacob Oulanya Lanywen.

The report closely looked at and examined financial discipline in the public institutions, local government and the central government entities.

The Auditor General, John Muwanga who led the team said government ought to cease carelessly blowing tax payers’ money, adding that such would eventually have adverse effects on the national budget.

“The government should do something to reduce the rate at which it loses cases to people. It is not simply cases but it is money that later encroaches on our budget.” Mr. Muwanga said.

Muwanga added that accumulated interest itself from these awards had reached nearly half a trillion, yet Ministry  of Justice and Constitutional Affairs which makes these awards has its budget way less that this amount.

“It is unfortunate to report that the failure by Government to settle these court awards and compensations has led to interest rising to Shs 442 billion.”

He noted that besides the notable Tullow case in London, back home government was yet to win any significant case in court.

The trend at which government losses cases prompted the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga to propose that the House puts up an independent legal representative separate from that of government.

This however requires a constitutional amendment since all government institutions are represented by Attorney General.

The Auditor General`s report also shows low absorption of Government funds and in the end many government entities failing to implement the projects that would have benefited the public.


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