Shell Gas Moves to Add Value to Rolex

A rolex has been internationally recognised and adopted as a Ugandan recipe

After government embarking on promoting the Rolex on the international scene to attract tourists who love to explore food and recipes across the continent, recipe private companies have also come up to add more value to the business.

The food originally a roadside snack, has evolved into a house-hold fast food which has been internationally recognised with restaurants and hotels now serving it everywhere in the country as part of their regular menu.

The roadside seller however, has been in trouble after house hold restaurants started advertising the rolex on their menu.

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Some consumers would argue that the restaurant is much cleaner and convenient to offer the rolex compared to the road side seller.

Shell gas has taken an initiative to add value to the rolex on the roadside to make it cleaner and more convenient than before.

The company is encouraging Rolex chefs to adopt gas which is quicker, cleaner and easier to use, compared to charcoal.

This will create more competition since the roadside rolex will be cleaner and more convenient to customers.

Jerry Etolu who runs a Rolex business in Ntinda under the names ‘May Man’ rolex stand, is the first Rolex chef to embrace gas and he says, gas is much flexible because it can be regulated according to the fire needed, compared to charcoal where they have to use ash in case the fire is much.


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