Sheikh Kamoga Cited in Maj. Muhammad Kiggundu Murder

Shk Yunus Kamoga and 5 others were acquitted of murder by High Court

Amir Sheikh Yunus Kamoga, pilule the head of the Tabliq Movement and 13 people he is jailed with for murder and terrorism, have been cited in the recent murder of Maj. Muhammad Kiggundu who was murdered a fortnight ago on his way from Bulenga to Kampala.

Sheikh Kamoga is charged with the murder of Sheikhs Mustafa Bahiga and Hassan Kirya, and the attempted Murder of Sheikh Haruna Jemba before International Crimes Division Court.

A prosecution witness in today’s hearing, who claimed to have mediated talks between the Tabliq Sect and Government informed court that after misunderstandings emerged among the Tabliqs, Kamoga’s side came up with a list of Sheikhs from Bahiga’s sect whom they declared enemies of Islam who must be eliminated.

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The misunderstandings allegedly led to the break up of the Tabliq sect into one leaning to Shk Kamoga and another allegiant to Shk Mustafa Bahiga.

“On 20th November 2014, when we were in one of the biggest Islamic seminars in Nyendo, Masaka district, Sheikh Siraje Kawooya read out names of people whom he declared as enemies of Islam and thereafter called upon all believers not to allow enter in any mosque,” said the unnamed witness, adding that all this was in the presence of Sheikh Kamoga who never opposed it.

On the list of names he said, were Sheikh Mustapha Bahiga, Sheikh Hassan Kirya, Maj. Muhammad Kiggundu who has just been shot, Sheikh Haruna Jemba, Najib Ssonko, Muhammoud Kibaate and Sheikh Sudiq Ndawula.

“I asked Amir Kamoga about the source of their misunderstandings and he informed me that Bahiga’s group had people like Sheikh Sudiq Ndawula, Maj Kiggundu, and Sheikh Kirya; and that Bahiga himself wanted him out of Amir’s office,” the witness submitted.

He added that Kamoga has earlier vowed not to let this to happen to Islam and that he was prepared to do anything to bring back order.

“He informed me that even if it meant shedding blood of those against him he was willing to, at any time of the day. After that our communication with sheikh Kamoga ended there.”

The witness went on to inform court that a few weeks after the death of Sheikh Bahiga, he started receiving threatening phone calls and messages that he would be beheaded any time. This prompted him to report the matter to authorities who provided him with guards.

He expressed fear that so far three of people on the list have been put out so far.

Meanwhile the Court today issued an order to two Telecoms Airtel Uganda and MTN Uganda to provide phone and message printouts on the numbers that allegedly threatened the witness.

An order has also been issued to DPC Masaka Police station to present to court a Police file for case number SD/2085/2015 which was reported to this station by the witness after receiving threatening messages.

The three justices Ezikiel Muhanguzi, Percy Tuhaise and Jane Kiggundu have adjourned the further hearing of the matter to 11th January 2017.


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