Shame as Kololo Heights Apartments are Caught in Water Theft

Illegal connections at Kololo Heights Apartment

An operation mounted by the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has exposed the prestigious Kololo Heights Apartment for involvement in illegal connections and water theft.

Residents on Wednesday were seen jumping out of the swimming pool as NWSC enforcement officers unearthed the illegal connections on Wednesday.

Swimming at Kololo Heights Apartment

Swimming pool at Kololo Heights Apartment

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Working together with Uganda Police, NWSC has cracked down illegal water connections most of which are discovered in posh residences and tycoons’ business centres and homes.

According officials, the operations have led to arrest of a number of culprits some of whom have been fined while others were charged at the recently launched utilities court

“Customers who steal water deny many deserving customers a right to clean safe water.  Legalise your water connection today and avoid the ongoing name and shame campaign,” officials warned.


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