Sex is a Need Not a Want: Maj Rubaramira Cautions Youth

Maj Rubaramira speaking at the launch of MTV Shuga on Thursday evening

Retired army officer Maj Rubaramira Ruranga on Thursday night cautioned the youth in the country on the importance of sex and the when to have it.

Rubaramira was Thursday speaking at the screening of MTV’s Shuga series at Sky lounge in Kamwokya, health Kampala.

The retired soldier said that the youth in Ugandan have failed to understand the meaning of sex which has led to its miss use and the high spread of HIV.

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“Sex is a need not a want, we have seeds given to us and we need to plant them. But the main point is how we plant them. Planting is the main issue not the seeds,” he said.

Rubaramira who acquired the AIDS virus at 37 added that having the HIV in his old days was the worst thing that happened to him.

“HIV is a disaster but I wouldn’t want to blame anyone for having it. I got it at 37, I was abandoned in the army and my society. I was told I would die in 3 years but I have fought it and I am still a live,” he added

Although many youth would want to abandon their patterns after receiving the sad news due to fear of contracting the virus, Maj Rubaramira said that one’s relationship can still move on even after acquiring the virus.

“You don’t need condoms anymore, take your drugs and improve your CD count. Never infect someone with HIV, and never get it if you don’t have it. If you do infect someone knowing then you’re a witch” he concluded.

Shuga is an MTV series that addresses issues concerning youth and their ways in the society.


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