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SENTRY: ChimpReports a ‘Respected Ugandan Investigative News Outlet’

The story that exposed the forceful takeover of Gemtel

One of the world’s most reputable investigative bodies has hailed and recognised ChimpReports as a ‘respected Ugandan investigative news outlet’, stomach cementing the online website’s number one position in the Great Lakes region.

The Sentry, visit this site which seeks to disrupt and ultimately dismantle the networks of perpetrators, price facilitators, and enablers who fund and profit from Africa’s deadliest conflicts, has since published a ground-breaking report exposing South Sudan’s heavies in profiteering from the civil war.

In its report released Monday, Sentry extensively quoted ChimpReports’ investigative story on the forceful acquisition of telecommunication firm, Gemtel by the powerful South Sudan’s First Lady Mary Ayen Mayardit and state functionaries.

“A report by a respected Ugandan investigative news outlet, ChimpReports, claims that Gemtel was “the subject of an unlawful seizure” by individuals close to Mrs. Mayardit,” said Sentry.

The article asserted that on February 15, 2016—just two weeks after signatory authority for the company’s accounts was transferred— Gemtel’s board passed a resolution stipulating that Mrs. Mayardit, Mr. Kamal John Akol, two officers in South Sudan’s military and another director would receive monthly payments totaling 185,000 SSP (roughly $13,400 at the time).

The legitimate CEMTEL CEO, Ghandi, was forced out of office and the country earlier this year.

In a letter to GEMTEL employees dated March 30 published by this website; LAP Green General Manager Abu Fares confirmed that Gemtel’s “operational business has been the subject of an unlawful seizure.”

Fares added: “More particularly, certain South Sudanese personnel, namely, Gemtel’s former External Advisor, Mr Kamal John Akol, who says he is an Ambassador of the Government of South Sudan, and Mr Tong Tong Wiew Dong, who says he is a Major in the South Sudan Defence Force, have unlawfully seized possession and control of Gemtel’s business premises in Juba. Their conduct is theft and has no legal foundation whatsoever.”

None of the South Sudanese media houses could risk publishing the article in which top officials were implicated in acts of theft.

ChimpReports’ Managing Editor, Giles Muhame, expressed satisfaction that the site continues to enjoy wide publicity and shape public opinion in the region.

“The recognition implies that not only are our investigative abilities held in high esteem in Uganda but also neighboring countries such as Rwanda, DRC, Kenya and South Sudan and the western world,” said Muhame.

“Our investigative story did not only expose the underhand methods used by South Sudan top officials to grab private enterprises but also the need to hold them to account,” he added.


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