Senior Police Commanders Demoted For Beating Besigye Supporters

Besigye says the police officers were given light sentences although he forgave them

Three senior police commanders have been demoted for beating supporters of FDC and opposition strongman Dr.Kizza Besigye last year.

The demoted officers are SSP Andrew Kaggwa the former Regional Police Commander for Kampala East, information pills Moses Nanoka the Divisional Police Commander for Wandegeya police station and ASP Patrick Muhumuza the field Force Commander for Katwe Police station.

Their juniors at the rank of constable including Willy Kalyango, site Kato Sula , approved Denis Muhangi, Moses Agaba and Dan Tandeka a crime preventer were also reprimanded.

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The eight officers were found guilty of using excessive force, negligence of duty and discreditable conduct which are all contrary to police penal code act. The 8 were part of the group of officers who beat Besigye supporters at Kalerwe and Najjanankumbi in July last year as Besigye made processions.

In his ruling, the court chairman Denis Odongopiny said SSP Andrew Kaggwa, SP Moses Nanoka and ASP Patrick Muhumuza were demoted to the immediate rank below for a discreditable conduct.

Subsequently, Kaggwa now holds the rank of Superintendent of Police (SP), Nanoka is now at the rank of Assistant Superintendent of police (ASP) while Muhumuza is at the rank of Inspector of police (IP).

Police constables who have no rank were recommended to police council for dismissal.

Dan Tandeka the crime preventer who had no rank was dismissed from doing any police work for the next 20 years.

On charges of excessive force the eight police officers were sentenced to a fine of deduction of a third of their salary for one month.

For the charges of negligence of duty, the police constables were sentenced to severe reprimand and would be dismissed from the force in case they repeated the same offence.

The court chairman however advised them to appeal the sentences in case they are not satisfied with the court’s decisions.


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