Sematimba Sweats in Court Over Academic Papers

Busiro South elected Member of Parliament Peter Sematimba yesterday appeared before High Court Justice Lydia Mugambe to defend his academic papers which are being challenged by one of his contenders in last February elections Steven Ssekigozi.

Sematimba, information pills while being crossed by Sekigozi lawyers, viagra dosage told court that his academic papers were certified by National Council of Higher Education (NCHE) which issued him a Certificate of Equivalence that he presented to Electoral Commission during parliamentary nominations.

Ssematimba revealed to court that he completed his O level at Kings College Buddo before he went abroad and gained several credentials including a Christian Degree of Advanced Diploma in Theology in

This amused some of the court attendants who wondered how a degree and a diploma can be combined, help but he insisted that it is possible.

Ssematimba added that he holds a Diploma in Electronics and Computer Technology from the Pacific Coast Institute and a Pre medicine course from Azusa Pacific University.

“I filled an application to NCHE seeking for a certificate of Equivalency and accompanied it with some Awards which included a transcript in electronic and computer technology from Pacific and another transcript from Azusa University; and on 6th May 2015 I was given a Certificate of Equivalency”

However, Sematimba found a hard time to convince court that he did not submit the contested diploma in theology for consideration by NCHE, yet it appeared on his certificate of equivalency.

“I submitted the theology diploma during the 2006 elections and by submitting it I wanted to prove to people that I was a trained pastor. At that time it was approved by the council and from then I have never included it among the documents sent to NCHE for equation.”

For the authenticity of his academic documents which is under question, Mr Sematimba said all his transcripts contain security features.

When the judge asked about whether the said Pacific Coast Institute exists at all, Ssematimba replied that he investigated recently and found that the institute was closed after running bankrupt.

“As a man of God, I don’t believe in election malpractice and I say no to election mal practice,” Ssematimba replied when confronted with the malpractice allegations in the last elections.

Prof John Asibo, the Executive Director NCHE told court that they issued out certificates of equivalency following investigations onto the credibility and existence of the institutions that awarded Sematimba with the qualification in question.

The Professor revealed that they found after investigations that all these institutions existed. He noted however that they were unable to verify whether Sematimba went to the Pacific Coast Institute.

Prof Asibo also shocked court when confessed that he was unaware of the mistake on the certificate
of equivalence which was signed only by him.

He defended himself saying that the “Christian Degree of Diploma in Theology” as one of the awards based on in equating the results appearing the certificate yet it was not submitted for equation was because it already existed in the system, since Sematimba had already submitted it in 2006.


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