Sejusa: We Must Push Museveni from Power

Former Coordinator of Intelligence Organs, Gen David Sejusa speaking at UPC head offices recently

The former Security Intelligence Coordinator and National Coordinator of Platform Rescuing Uganda (PRU), click capsule http://dadstreet.com/wp-admin/includes/plugin.php Gen David Sejusa has also visited one of Uganda’s oldest parties, ask http://chienyenthinh.com/components/com_k2/templates/default/itemform.php the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC), seek http://chesapeakecatsanddogs.org/wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php preaching the message reconciliation.

Gen. Sejusa on Wednesday met with UPC officials at the party headquarters at Uganda House who among others include; the party Secretary General, Fr. Jacinto Ogwal, the National Chairman, Edward Kakonge, spokesperson, Okello Lucima and, David Mbaliraine.

The serving military general told journalists after a closed door meeting with UPC officials that the message of National Reconciliation and Truth telling is so central to the UPC party to facilitate healing wounds of past political mistakes.

Sejusa, however, revealed that this genuine process can only be achieved in a free and open environment without a dictator in power.

“We must first of all build a versatile force to ensure that president Museveni is out of power and also ensure sustainability of change attained,” Sejusa noted.

Sejusa noted that the country needs to entirely be saved from the hands of Museveni whom he described as a “dictator” and be offered with hope that will finally culminate into genuine reconciliation.

The general observed that president Museveni is one of the Ugandan souls that need to be healed and saved despite all the mess-ups that he has led this country into.

“We must break the cycle of going against our former leaders no matter how they abused us; Museveni made all the mistakes in the service of the country and we must protect him and his family members even after his period in power.”

He added that Ugandans must stop thinking that the country can have a worst leader than president Museveni since no leader will ever be allowed much time like it has been the case with him.

“No leader can be worse than Museveni; scientifically in order for one to do what Museveni has done, he needs time. Museveni has used 30 years to abuse Ugandans and indeed he wasn’t like that in the first 15 years of his term in power.”

“One would need time to replace the formal state system with the personal system, personalize the army and own the country’s money by controlling Bank of Uganda.”

“When you give a leader much time, they get time to build an infrastructure of personal rule and this explains why all African countries whose leaders have stayed long in power are in turmoil.”


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