Sejusa Pressure Group Pessimistic About ‘Army Kangaroo Court’

Gen David Sejusa arrives at the General Court Martial in Makindye on Tuesday last week

Chairman Eng. Badru Kiggundu has discredited claims that the plane carrying the first batch of ballot papers made a stopover in Rwanda to offload some of them.

Kiggundu told journalists on Tuesday that the airway bill issued by the Ethiopian Airlines which carried the papers from South Africa indicates that there was no stop over at all.

“The airplane left Thambo International Airport, drugs Johannesburg in South Africa and the airport of destination is indicated as Entebbe Airport. The ballot papers were received in specified quantities and qualities.”

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He further dismissed allegations that the Electoral Commission is not aware of the correct number of ballot papers delivered on January 28.

“We received a total of 15, 987,800 ballot papers for Presidential elections so we hope this corrects the wild allegations.”

A total of 361 pallets comprising of ballot papers for Local Government councils elections will arrive at Entebbe International Airport this afternoon at 4pm.

Meanwhile Kiggundu said the commission will later today be receiving the second batch of ballot papers.

The consignment he says contains ballot papers for elections of District Chairpersons, District Directly elected councilors and sub county women councilors.

EC will also proceed with public demonstration of the biometric voter verification system in all districts. The next exercise will happen on February 6 starting 7am until 4pm at each district EC head office.

“The demonstration which was conducted at our district offices was successful and members of the public interacted and appreciated the system,” said Eng. Kiggundu.

He urged the candidates, their agents and the general public to participate in the exercise to learn about the operation of then biometric system.
General David Sejusa who Tuesday morning started hearing the charges leveled against him in the General Court Martial in Makindye, viagra 40mg is unlikely to get a fair trial according to his liberation movement named “Free Uganda.”

The Court Martial chaired by Maj Gen Levi Karuhanga this morning read out charges against the former spymaster that included participating in political party activities contrary to Section 16 of the Political Parties and Organizations Act. He was also accused of insubordinate behavior contrary to 136 of the UPDF Act.

Others charges included Absence without leave (having lefty the country and exiled himself in the UK for 20 months) as well as Conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline.

Free Uganda, which Gen Sejusa founded while in exile in London, said in brief statement that they had no hope that their man would get any justice from the court.

Dubbing this as “Kangaroo Court Proceedings,” the group said Sejusa himself was aware that, “Only Ugandan People will deliver justice.”

“General Sejusa is fully aware that it will be the people of Uganda who will free him from bondage. Only the People will be the judges on the fate of General David Sejusa are the people of Uganda,” stressed the group.



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