Segujja Narrates How He Was ‘Castrated’ at William Street Mosque

40 year old Yahaya Segujja, and a resident of Kawempe in Kampala district has pinned three William Street Mosque security personnel for attempting to castrate him thus damaging his sexual organs.

The hearing of this extraordinary case commenced today Friday before Buganda Road court chief
Magistrate Jamson Karemani.

Segujja the victim and first prosecution witness informed court that ever since 0ctober 2014 when Hamiisi Matovu, buy Manisil Lubwama and Mr Musa Husaifa tortured him, advice his pain has never ceased and that his life was changed permanently.

Segujja who appeared feeble and unable to support himself, says that before October 2014 before the incident, he had worked for ten years as a security personnel with the three accused persons at Masjid NOOR Mosque at William street.

“On October 22nd 2014 I left my work place at Mini Price and went to Masjid Noor for prayers but the mosque had been gazzeted by the administration for briefing all Muslims on matters concerning the Islamic faith around the world,” he told court.

Segujja says Hamid Mbaziira who was among the people set to brief believers on that day diverted and started preaching ill against Amir Kamoga, one of the sect leaders in the mosque who is currently on remand on terrorism related charges.

Segujja says he is unable to support himself

Segujja says he is unable to support himself

“When one of my colleagues stood up to defend Amir Kamoga who was being accused of failing Islamic Schools,  the accused and several other people came descended on us and tied me with a rope in the neck,” he said.

From here he says he was beaten badly by the accused three and other people and that he started bleeding profusely.

When they realized that his blood was staining the mosque carpet, they carried him outside, tied his hands from behind and resumed beating and stoning him.

He says he was rescued by Arua Park Police which took him to Central Police station from where he was rushed to Mulago Hospital.

“While at Mulago I was joined by one of my bosses Haji Najib Ssonko who helped me get more attention from the doctors. It was these doctors who examined me and informed me that my kidneys as well as both testicles had been damaged. They advised that I seek better treatment abroad, but confirmed that I would never have a child again.”

The Accused persons Hamis Matovu, Mansil Lubwama and Musa Husaifa in court today

The Accused persons Hamis Matovu, Mansil Lubwama and Musa Husaifa in court today

“I went to India with the money I raised after I sold my house to replace both my kidneys; from there I went to Kenya where blood clots were discovered in my brain.

Segujja says up to now he has difficulty in standing and sleeping and that his wives left him.

The magistrate adjourned the hearing of this matter and cross examining of the witness to Tuesday 21st June.

The accused face one count of performing acts intended to cause grievous harm on another person which they have since denied.


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