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Security Lapses at KIU Campus

Kampala International University, western campus main gate where there's free entry and exit for all  (Photo: Zadock Amanyisa)

The Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda has said universal primary education (UPE) policy adopted by the NRM government has registered immense success in ensuring that all the children of Uganda have access to education.

The Premier said UPE demonstrates the visionary nature of the NRM Government and its leadership.

Dr Rugunda made the remarks while receiving a group of university graduates who went through UPE schools at the Office of the Prime Minister on Tuesday.

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“UPE has been a revolutionary programme with immense success despite the shortcomings and all stakeholders must address the challenges, salve ” said the Premier adding that society had an obligation to ensure that every child has access to quality education.

There have been concerns on the quality of UPE education, with experts saying the output is substandard.

Schools remain crowded with students who have few and poorly paid teachers to attend to them.

The absenteeism and drop-out rate remains high in UPE schools.

However, Rugunda said the success of UPE enabled government to embark on universal secondary education (USE) and the loan scheme to ensure that all deserving students have access to higher education.

Rugunda said the young graduates were at the centre stage of transforming Uganda to a modern state, adding that the UPE graduates should be patriotic and Pan- Africanists ready to take lead in solving the challenges of the country, region and Africa as a whole.

The Chairperson of the UPE graduates association, Muhanguzi Isaac thanked government for starting UPE in 1997.

He said the UPE graduates association was formed in 2014 and the beneficiaries are looking forward to supporting government in its development agenda.

Muhanguzi said they had planned for a mega graduation ceremony on 16 May, 2015, adding that the event will bring together over 3000 UPE products who have graduated from the various institutions.

President Museveni is expected to grace the function.

The President of Uganda National Students Association (UNSA) Lillian Aber said UNSA had advanced in its operations and was now also concerned about life after school.

She said UNSA was working closely with the UPE graduates to ensure that the activities of the association which include career guidance in schools are supported by all stakeholders.
Zadock Amanyisa


Days after receiving credible intelligence information that the Somali based Al shabaab militant group is planning imminent attacks on schools, adiposity colleges and universities in Uganda, officials at Kampala International University, Western Campus in Ishaka Bushenyi have found tightening security and purchasing of metal detectors more expensive than losing lives.

Despite being owned by one of the richest Ugandans, the Ishaka based University and hospital which accommodate up to 5,000 people every day and night lacks a metal detector and adequate staff for tight security.

KIU campus and its teaching hospital attract people from Uganda, Nigeria, Rwanda, Somalia, and Middle East countries but security is still wanting.

In a survey that was made by a group of journalists on Monday, it was found that there’s free entry and exit without any security checks.

“Here it’s like we are not yet serious about security. We have been requesting the administration to give us metal detectors for over three months but nothing has been done. Even there’s understaffing in the security department,” said a policeman who preferred anonymity.

Mr Morris Barugahare, a watchman at the hospital main gate, “we only concentrate on checking people leaving the hospital to prevent acts of theft. We are not in any way prepared for terrorism.”

Another officer said cases of insecurity would at minimum if the two facilities were fenced off to control entrance and exit points.

There’s no adequate deployment of security personnel around the university and hospital.

“Here we have lived in fear, not knowing what could happen any time.  Vehicles are not checked. Anything is possible,” he added.

According to Mr Yasin Kyota, the officer in charge of security at the facility, requisitions for buying metal detectors were made long ago but are yet to be considered by the administration.

Police recently issued a statement, warning that higher institutions of learning are being targeted by terrorists.

The law enforcement body called for rigorous security checks to avoid attacks.

Speaking to ChimpReports recently, the KIU Western Campus Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Emmanuel Karooro said “security may not be all that thorough whereby the responsible people miss a point somewhere but they are doing their best to ensure safety of the population.”

He added: “We have security personnel who are in uniform and others not in uniform, plus informers who ensure that the place is safe from any attack. We are trying our best with our men at the gate and around the university.”


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