Security Issue Tough Guidelines Ahead of Thursday Swearing –in Ceremony

IGP Kale Kayihura flanked by UPDF's Lt Gen Charles Angina and Prisions Boss Johnson Byabashaija addressing press at the police Headquarters in Naguru on Monday

As part of the measures to enhance security ahead of the Thursday May 12 presidential swearing –in ceremony, viagra http://demo.des.net.id/wp-includes/id3/getid3.lib.php the joint Security Committee led by police has issued tough guidelines to be followed on the day.

“It is a major event in the country as we welcome the new government; we need to beware of terrorists and those engaged in civil obedience,” the Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura said.

“We have rolled out a program that will have all fuel tankers coming to the country and passing through escorted by police up to either their destinations or up to the border.”

The police boss said that starting tomorrow, Tuesday, no fuel tanker  will be allowed in the city centre during day time adding that those to be allowed will be escorted by police and will only deliver fuel from 9pm to 6am .

On trucks ferrying building materials, the Inspector General of Police said they have intelligence information of some individuals who want to block the Entebbe highway with sand, murram and heavy stones,

“We have diverted vehicles carrying building materials from using the highway until the swearing in ceremony is done.”

The police director in charge of traffic Stephen Kasima said that traffic passing via Entebbe highway will be diverted to use alternative routes to the airport, adding that motorists are advised to use the Entebbe Express Highway.

“We urge them to use other alternative routes to the airport and the city centre because the main highway will be used for dignitaries,” Kasiima told journalists.

He noted that they will not allow stationed vehicles on the highway plus bodabodas and taxi stages which he said may be a security threat to the function.

Gen. Kayihura said  that on top of all the security measures, the police and UPDF will be doing joint patrols in the city centre and the nearby major towns as another way of ensuring security.



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