Election 2016

Security Forces Maintain Cordon at Opposition Chiefs’ Residences

Police outside Lukwago's residence in Kampala on Sunday

Several outspoken opposition leaders remain under what authorities described as “preventive arrest” as security intensified operations ahead of President Museveni’s inauguration on May 12.

By Monday morning the residences of former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye, information pills http://conocity.eu/wp-admin/includes/taxonomy.php Mayor-elect Erias Lukwago and Ingrid Turinawe were still besieged by anti-riot police personnel.

The siege comes just days after Dr Besigye appealed to his supporters to rise and topple president Museveni’s government in a revolution.

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Only a handful of activists responded to the call. Those who took to the streets were apprehended.

FDC top shot Wafula Oguttu said government intends to crush dissent ahead of the inauguration ceremony.

“Homes of most FDC senior leaders have been surrounded by the security forces. I think they want all of us put out of circulation as part of their swearing in preparations. Cowards, price ” said Wafula on Monday morning.

A senior police official told Chimpreports, “The joint security operations as per our master plan of policing elections are still ongoing probably till when the process is concluded.”

Deputy Government spokesperson Shaban Bantariza said FDC’s calls for protests and defiance activities are aimed at maintaining the party’s relevance in the dynamic political world.

“For those who may not know, FDC has two main pre-occupations right now, uphill next year. One, they have an election for party president, which forces some of them to preserve political self-relevance till then, and attacking government gives them competitive relevance and credentials,” said Bantariza.

“Two, their presidential flag-bearer told his supporters, sympathizers and voters, that with P10 guarding their votes at every polling station, he would handle any possible rigging above, to their victory,” he added.

“Now, after losing the election, he has no explanation to these groups, some of who gave him financial support!! So, the only way to remain relevant, he just continue to attack government and be a nuisance to police, to divert attention from himself, get sympathy, and for as long as it takes.”


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