Scouts Association Chiefs Under Fire Over Jamboree Cash Theft

Bigirimana greeting President Museveni at the International Scouts Centenary Jamboree last year

Wife of Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] Presidential candidate Col Dr Kizza Besigye has responded to the recent remarks by Chairman of Uganda’s Independent Electoral Commission Eng Badru Kiggundu about their son Anselm Besigye.

Winnie Byanyima, troche the 56 year old Executive Director of UK based Oxfam International last evening dismissed as untrue, the accusation by Kiggundu that her son Anselm was “enjoying burgers” abroad.

A relaxed 16 year old Anselm enjoys a boat cruise (Right0 in Jordan

A relaxed 16 year old Anselm enjoys a boat cruise (Right0 in Jordan)

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Kiggundu early this week passed another stern warning against the opposition candidate Col Besigye about his declared “defiance campaign” during the ongoing election season.

Besigye, after being nominated to contest for the fourth time for the country’s highest office stated that his campaign would be one of defiance not compliance.

“We cannot have a compliant campaign, complying with a dictatorship,” he said, urging the populace to stand against any government effort to rig the February 2016 general elections.

An angry Kiggundu retaliated angrily last Wednesday that he would not keep warning Besigye against his message of defiance.

Anselm with his mother and cousins in Brussels in August

Anselm with his mother and cousins in Brussels in August

“Why are you defiant? Can’t you think of something better?” wondered Kiggundu. “I have warned you twice. I cannot warn you for the third time. The responsibility of securing this country through the election period is in our hands.”

The EC boss went on to question how Besigye would lure poor Ugandans to defy government, when his family is enjoying their wealth outside the country.

“You cannot claim to identify with the common man when the people following you are left to suffer with teargas. Where are your own kids as a leader? Put them on the forefront!”

He added, “His son is in New York, London and Copenhagen enjoying cheese burgers and ice-cream cakes.”

Anselm poses with actress Maureen Lipman and a friend at Lambeth Palace in London in June

Anselm poses with actress Maureen Lipman and a friend at Lambeth Palace in London in June

This comment however, did not go down well with the 16 year old Anselm’s mother Winnie Byanyima, who rushed to disprove the EC Chairman, stating in a singular tweet, “What??? My son is a vegetarian, he doesn’t eat burgers!”

Col Besigye was also incensed by Dr Kiggundu’s choice of words. He told media, “My children are not enjoying his money. I am not earning a salary from government as he is doing. I actually pay him. He is my servant.”
Uganda Police Force has vowed to quell a meeting organized self acclaimed rebel King of Tooro Prince David Kijanangoma, search purportedly to raise funds for his coronation at the close of December.

Kijanangoma early this year, see declared himself the King of Tooro, set up his own Palace in Fort Portal and vowed to dislodge his cousin brother King Oyo Nyimba.

He accused the 23 year old monarch of abandoning his subjects and letting the Queen Mother Best Kemigisa meddle in Kingdom matters.

Prince Kijanangoma’s fundraising meeting for the overthrow was scheduled for Sunday December 20 at Fairway Hotel in Kampala.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga however, clarified on Saturday that the said meeting had not been cleared to take place.

“The activity is deemed as unlawful, as it would facilitate the creation of a second King, and the existence of a two parallel Kingdoms in Tooro,” he said.

Police advised Kijanangoma to first seek clearance from the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development, before proceeding with the coronation.

“We strongly appeal to the organizers, to abide by this communication and not mislead any members of the royal family, subjects and general public into participating in this unlawful activity and or incite them into participating,” said Enanga.

“We further urge all parties to remain calm and maintain the status quo, in the interest of public tranquility, peace and safety of the Tooro Community, until when a lawful procedure is taken towards resolving the cultural conflict.”

The National Organizing Committee (NOC) of the recently concluded Scouts Jamboree has come out to explain the numerous allegations that are being peddled in the media saying that the ministry failed to manage, decease and mis-allocated the Scouts Jamboree Resources.

In August, remedy 2015, Uganda hosted the International Scouts Centenary Jamboree at Kaazi National Scouts Campsite at the shores of Lake Victoria.

The International Scouts Centenary Jamboree is a gathering of tens of thousands of Scouts from almost every country in the world.

The event was organized by government and the Uganda Scouts Association.

Scouts cutting the cake during the celebrations

Scouts cutting the cake during the celebrations

During the preparations of the Scouts Jamboree in 2004, President Museveni advanced $200,000 to kick start the preparatory activities against the proposed budget.

Information reaching ChimpReports reveals that the funds were however spent without regard to the budget by some individuals who included Dr Mpuga, Major Richard Kamya and Okello Richard, from the Uganda Scouts Association.

The trio were encouraged by an ISO operative, Major Aliganyira, who was later withdrawn after ISO Managers found that he was misrepresenting them.

Following the misappropriation of funds, an interagency organizing committee (NOC) was set up headed by the Minister of Gender, Labor and social development, Hon Mary Karooro Okurut and Pius Bigirimana the permanent secretary, who was the chairman of the technical team.

The swindlers had apparently strategically positioned themselves as vision bearers and promoters of the scouts Jamboree cause, with the aim of redirecting the funds into their own pockets.

This Website understands that Dr Mpuga was found to be a fraudster who isn’t an actual medical doctor, and his colleague, Richard Kamya who claimed to be a major in the UPDF had never served in the army.

Bank statements that were seen by ChimpReports show huge amounts of withdrawals made by Okello from the account that was meant for the scouts’ jamboree preparations. The withdrawals are unaccounted for.

The swindlers were repellant to the NOC operations which were impediment to their illegal activities that included conning funds from unsuspecting members of the public, who were promised hefty contracts to do works such as construction, media contracts, and supply of food and equipment.

They were upstaged when major works were granted to the engineering brigade with guidance from President Museveni.

Information reaching ChimpReports shows that since they were unable to refund the huge perks received, the trio used underhand methods to malign government and frustrate efforts towards the management of the jamboree.

They wrote anonymous letters to the press discrediting the Minister and Permanent secretary, saying they are engaged in witchcraft practices and intimidate their staff.

The Ministry has ruled this as an insult by the speculators, who had clearly positioned themselves as swindlers to resort to mud sliding the Permanent Secretary and the Minister.


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