School Inspectors Face the Axe Over Sexual Materials in Schools

The State Minister of Education Rosemary Ssenide speaking to press at Parliament Yesterday

The State Minister of Education and Wakiso District Woman Member of Parliament (MP), visit this site Rosemary Ssenide has warned school inspectors that have neglect their duties that they risk losing their jobs.

The Minister noted with concern yesterday that despite the Ministry having inspectors on the ground; it was unaware of the pornographic material that was being consumed by Ugandan pupils for a long period of time.

“We were taken aback as a Ministry when we learnt that in Green Hill Academy in Buwate were some books teaching pornography that were confiscated by the Parliamentary Committee on Education, drugs ” Sseninde noted.

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The Minister said, “As a Ministry, we cannot sit back when such things are happening in our schools, we are parents and we are very offended. We are going to work with the ministry of Ethics to handle the matter conclusively.”

Sseninde said that all the complaints against the education sector are increasing due to reluctant inspectors that have failed to fulfill their assigned duties.

“Inspection is very crucial in the education sector; you may note that all the challenges and complaints that we have been receiving from the media, stakeholders all suggest that inspection is not done sufficiently.”

Ssenide warned that the Ministry will work hand in hand with the Ministry of Public Service to bring all irresponsible civil servants to book.

“We have learnt that in some districts, inspectors don’t go on the ground for inspection but simply sign books with the head teachers. This is a big challenge and to me this is an ethical issue because we all know that to every civil servant, there should be a code of conduct.”

The former committee of Education Chairperson added however, that the Ministry is also faced with the lack of enough funds to enable them carry on sufficient inspection.

“You do appreciate that especially Primary Education was decentralized and all the money for Education is sent through the local governments, the biggest challenge that we have noted as a Ministry is that Local governments don’t prioritize the issue of inspection which is explained by the lack allocation of money to the department.”

“Our directorate of education services is now responsible to see how things are moving in as far as inspection is concerned and that’s why we have given figures of the grants that are supposed to come from the centre particularly for inspection.”

“For inspectors that are not doing their work, for every civil servant that does fulfill his or her responsibilities will be dealt with according to the Public Service Act.”



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