South Sudan

Sacked South Sudan Army Chief Returns to Juba

The former South Sudan army, medical SPLA Chief of General Staff, Gen. Paul Malong has returned to capital Juba.

Gen. Malong who was dropped by President Salva Kiir on Tuesday evening in a decree read on the national broadcaster, SSTV, left Juba on Wednesday morning without handing over to his successor. He was succeeded by his immediate deputy, Gen. Ajonga Mawut James who was in charge of finance and administration.

Malong went to Yirol after leaving Juba causing suspicion that he was planning to declare war on his longtime friend, Kiir.

He however dismissed the rumors and said he only exited from the capital to avoid the would be costly clashes between his men and the military in Juba.

On Friday Kiir addressed press from the presidential palace commonly known as J1, where he said that the security of Malong in Juba is guaranteed.

He appealed to the former army commander to return and officially handover to the new chief.

Malong indeed on Saturday afternoon landed in Juba and was immediately escorted to the presidential palace.


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