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Rwigara Family Interrogation Deferred, says Rwanda Police

Diane Rwigara

Rwanda National Police (RNP) says it has postponed the questioning of the Rwigara family members to allow for consultations with their lawyers.

Police officers recently searched the home and interrogated the Rwigaras as part of preliminary investigations into alleged crimes of tax evasion and forgery.

But family members claimed being a target of political persecution after Diane Rwigara moved to contest against President Paul Kagame in the recently concluded elections.

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Rwigara is accused of conniving with electoral officials to forge signatures during the nomination process for presidential candidates, a charge she denies.

Her family’s sprawling tobacco business is also a target of a piercing investigation for reportedly evading tax for a period of five years.

RNP spokesperson ACP Theos Badege on Saturday said Rwigara’s family members were not in detention.

“None of them are in custody, and the RNP is aware that they are in contact with, and regularly visited at their residence, by their lawyer,” said Badege.

“They also report to Police when summoned, as the investigations continue,” he added.

The Rwigara family members this week said they had been rounded up and taken from their home by law enforcement officers simply because they are opposed to the ruling government.

Several human rights groups and western diplomats are said to have asked Rwandan authorities to free the Rwigaras.

Badege said the Rwigara family has “requested for postponement of further questioning in order to consult further with their lawyers and this has been granted.”

He also revealed that the “family has admitted to some of the charges,” a claim ChimpReports could not independently verify.


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