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Rwenzururu Royal Family Apologises for Rwenzori Bloodbath

The Rwenzururu leaders led by the royal family have regretted the deadly attacks on civilians and security personnel orchestrated by the militia group known as Kirumira Mutima.

This was during the second meeting with President Museveni at State House on Sunday.

According to the president’s press secretary, symptoms Lindah Nabusayi, ask “Leaders apologized to the people and government for loss of lives and property.”

Over 100 people were killed in last year’s Rwenzururu attacks.

An armed militia was accused of perpetrating the mayhem that nearly brought the region to a standstill.

Nabusayi said the Rwenzururu officials also signed a statement of apology and renunciation of activities in Rwenzori region.

The function was attended by Mumbere’s wife, Christine Biira, Agnes Mumbere, Christopher Kibazanga and William Kibazanga.

Acknowledged that incident could have been averted

The royal family said the Omusinga was “misadvised by some individuals within region.”

Members said they were committed to tranquility and restoration of security in the region.

“Rwenzururu leaders admitted constant harassment and attacks on police posts and defiance of government authority was regrettable,” said Nabusayi.

They would later ask Museveni to free Mumbere who is facing charges of terrorism and murder.

Mumbere was arrested on November 27 together with over 100 royal guards after the UPDF and police overran his palace.

Over 70 royal guards were killed during the raid on the Obuhikira palace in Kasese town.

The Royal family’s decision to steer a reconciliation process could be aimed at persuading Museveni to free the prisoner.

Their action also contrasts the move taken by Kasese politicians to resolve the matter from the International Criminal Court.

While Mumbere’s relatives want him out of jail; several leaders in Rwenzori want the embattled King to pay for his alleged crimes.

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