Rwenzori Dead for Mass Burrial

Bodies of the Rwenzururu fighters who were killed during the Sunday raid by the UPDF are to be buried in a mass grave on Friday afternoon, buy more about ChimpReports has learnt.

Speaking to journalists on Thursday, find police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi said they had given time to locals to be able to identify bodies of their relatives so they can be buried at their respective home graves.

“We shall have a meeting with all stakeholders and decide where to bury the unclaimed bodies, abortion ” Kaweesi said adding that they have got information that some of those killed during the palace attack were Mai Mai fighters from Democratic Republic of Congo.

However, Mr. Kabyanga Godfrey Baluku, the Kasese Municipality Mayor confirmed that the bodies would be buried at Rukooki, the District headquarters.

“Most of them had decomposed and made it difficult for the relatives to identify them,” he said.

According to the Kasese Municipality mayor, many of those who died during the army attack were not from the palace but other areas including Mobuku, Kagando, and Bwesumbu among other areas.

The UPDF on Sunday afternoon raided the Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere palace arresting him and killing over 40 of his royal guards.

Speaking to journalists after the attack, the UPDF Second Division commander Brig. Peter Erweru said efforts had been made to ensure that Omusinga hands over the royal guards who he said had become a menace but the later had refused to heed to the call.

“We talked to him. Again His Excellency talked to him at night and they agreed he remains with only 9(6 guards and 3 cooks). We sent in people he wanted to try to persuade him to surrender those people but we realized that he was under siege by his own people (guards),”he said.

The violence in the Rwenzori region started in 2014,when in July, suspected militias from ‘Kirumira Mutima’ attacked police stations and UPDF barracks in Bundibugyo and Ntoroko districts killing a number of security personnel before taking a way guns.


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