Rwanda Revenue Authority Introduces Cargo Tracking Device

Devices that will be fixed in trucks

Goods worth millions are transported as cargo from different ports to Rwanda and vice versa. In the course, find Drivers travel long distances to reach their destinations as the goods’ owners also stay in worries about safety of their goods.

These goods are more exposed to risks like theft, visit damage or even accidents when they are transported and sometimes they are sold on high ways without paying taxes

Rwanda Revenue Authority has introduced tracking devices that will monitor the transportation of these cargos either importing or exporting goods

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Francois Kanimba, Rwanda’s Trade and Industry Minister says goods are going to be monitored from the ports to their destinations.

“These devices will reduce the number of days spent on the voyage which will increase the trading process. Measurements taken on boarders to check the quantity carried won’t last long because these devices will ease the situation,” he said.

“Truck and cargo owners will also be safe because they will be having updates of the transportation process, goods sold without taxes during the course from ports will no longer succeed due to this tracking system.”

Rwanda’s Trade and Industry Minister Francois Kanimba

Rwanda’s Trade and Industry Minister Francois Kanimba

Kanimba added it has been worrying for Rwandan traders whose goods from Mombasa port to Rwanda were not secure but these devices are going to help in the process.

The cargo transportation index has reduced from 22 days to only 6 days from different ports to Rwanda and the index is expected to keep reducing.


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