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Rwanda Police Help Ugandan Man, 70, Trace Stolen Cow

The cow was stolen last month from James Mbonera’s kraal in Buhita, which border’s with Rwanda

A 70-year old Ugandan peasant from the South western district of Kabale has thanked Rwanda National Police for valuing his request to search for his cow, prescription after it was stolen and sold in Rwanda.

The cow stolen last month from James Mbonera’s kraal in Buhita, pharm which border’s with Rwanda.

It was recovered on May 2 in Kivuye Sector of Burera District from one Emmanuel Bizimana, who has since been arrested.

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It was handed over to the owner on April 4 in presence of police officers from the two friendly neighboring countries.

“When I woke and found out that my cow was missing, I had no hope that I would recover it,” said Mbonera.

“But I have been following news of things stolen in Uganda and recovered in Rwanda, so I reported to police in Uganda but also reached out to Rwanda police for help, especially that I had some information that it was taken to Rwanda by the suspected thieves,” he added.

The development underlines the growing partnership between the two countries’ enforcement bodies.

“Today, I am also a witness of what I have been hearing about Rwanda police’s commitment and professionalism. I also thanked the way both Uganda and Rwanda police work together because even by the time I reported to Rwanda for help, I found out that they were already in touch,” he added.

Police in Burera said they have also identified an accomplice,  who is said to be the brain behind the theft and  still on the run.

The RNP has always made it very clear that criminals have no safe haven in Rwanda,  even  when  they committee crimes in other countries.


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