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Rwanda Police Cracks Down on Stray Dogs

Rwanda National Police (RNP) has warned of appropriate action against careless owners of dogs, discount http://coloradofinearts.org/wp-includes/class-walker-page-dropdown.php which sometimes attack and bite people and livestock.

The warning follows separate incidents where stray dogs have attacked people, http://coastcakes.co.uk/wp-admin/includes/widgets.php the most recent cases being in Karongi District.

On Sunday, http://challengeidee.fr/wp-includes/vars.php three children in Kibirizi Cell of Rubengera Sector in Karongi aged between 10 and 14 years, were attacked and bitten by a stray dog, before it also killed a goat.

According to the District Police Commander, Supt. Victor Hamza, the dog was persuaded and killed by residents, who came to rescue the children. who were taken to Rubengera Health Centre for immediate medical attention.

The children from three separate families who were at the time headed to church when the dog attacked them were taken to Rubengera Health Centre for immediate medical attention.

Similar incidents have happened in Karongi before where dogs have also attacked people, either on broad day light or at night.

“There are dogs that were abandoned by owners and others that are not controlled by owners. We are working with the Ministry of Agriculture and local leaders to take immediate action against these categories of dogs that cause insecurity,” said Supt. Hamza.

“In this specific case, we are processing a dossier so that culprit is penalized accordingly.”

Last week, 11 stray dogs were killed in the sectors of Bwishyura and Rubengera, although Supt. Hamza said that operations are still underway to get rid of such dangerous animals.

“We appeal to owners of dogs to keep them indoor; dogs are not allowed to roam on streets or in communities, all domestic animals must be under full control of owners,” he warned.

Control of dogs is stipulated under the ministerial order number 009/11.30 of November 18, 2010 on animal husbandry under its articles 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, to prevent the insecurity that such animals would otherwise cause.

These articles underline the requirements and procedures to own a dog, penalties to owners of abandoned dogs and action taken against stray dogs.

Partly, under the ministerial order, owners are required to vaccinate and leash them.

Owners are also required to move with a certificate of vaccination whenever they are walking with their dogs on streets and in communities, which should as well be chained and held by an accountable and mature person.


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