Rwanda People’s Party Condemns Orlando Terrorist Attack

RPP President, John V Karuhanga

Opposition Rwanda People’s Party (RPP) has joined millions of Americans and other peace-loving people around the world in condemning the deadly terrorist attack on the Pulse GBT Dance Club, treat in Orlando, order Florida in which 50 innocent lives were callously taken and many others left seriously injured.

In a statement released on Monday June 13th, RPP president John V Karuhanga sent condolences to the government of the United States of America, the families and relatives of the victims and the American people.

“The RPP wishes to express solidarity with the United States’ and the global LGBT community. The terrorist attacked not only the LGBT community in Orlando, but the LGBT community around the world. They strongly and unequivocally condemn this brutal and senseless attack on innocent people,” the statement read in part.

Karuhanga said that the RPP is committed to a policy of unambiguously, condemning terrorism in the strongest term and seeks to rally the international community against the same.

“RPP will continue to encourage the international community to come together to fight global terrorism, its conducts, root causes, as the only viable solution to the problem of terrorism and to protect global civilisation,” the statement further read.

“It is a great challenge for every global leader to work together to defeat the terrorists. The world has the ability to defeat them militarily; they have the necessary resources, personnel and the weaponry. They believe the greatest challenge faced by the community of democratic and peace-loving leaders is not how to defeat terrorism, but rather to ensure that they cooperate together and overcome their apparent indifference concerning terrorism around the world.”

He encouraged the west to condemn all terrorist attacks and to support the victims, no matter where they are in the world.

Karuhanga noted that the terrorists are aware that the disunity among the world leaders when it comes to dealing with terrorism is unbridgeable, and this encourages them [terrorists] to continue to carry out even more brazen atrocities such as the killings at the Pulse Gay Night Club in Orlando.

He called on all political leaders, to pull down the walls of fears and indifference, so as to deal decisively against the terrorists adding that their failure to do so has hampered the international community’s efforts in the war on terror since 2001.


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