Rwanda People’s Party Blasts ICC, Calls for Rule of Law as it Celebrates Sixth Anniversary

Opposition Rwanda People’s Party (RPP) has called for accountability, cheapest respect of human rights, viagra the rule of law and Justice for all as the party celebrates its 6th anniversary.

“The rule of law must be felt and observed by Rwandans and foreigners in their homes, order on transport, at work, in leisure centres, night clubs, courtrooms, and school. We want a Rwanda that is governed by the rule of law and where individuals would face the wrath of the law should they abuse the laws of the land,” said John Karuhanga, the RPP party president in a statement.

Karuhanga noted that the RPP will continue to work to ensure that all Rwandans are held accountable before the law.

“We would like to empower individuals and let the police do their job without interference from political or other forces. We’d like to see the imposition of heavy punishments for anyone who would abuse or defy a police officer’s orders, when on duty. We will also strive for sweeping reforms that would impose a heavy penalty on any law enforcement officer, civil servant, judiciaries, politicians and executives found to be abusing the public trust,” he added.

Commenting about the removal of the presidential term limits, Karuhanga said that RPP believes, that there is no link between democracy, governance and term limits, adding that “African leaders need to be voted out of office like their counterparts in Europe, Australia and Canada”

He said however, that RPP would continue to demand for political and electoral reforms to enable the 2017 presidential elections be competitive and to give the Rwandan people a range of choices and options when it comes to electing who they want as their public representative.

Karuhanga faulted the International Criminal Court ICC about the statement they made where they said that “no African president can stop ICC operations”.

“It is unacceptable that African leaders have no power to protest against the injustice wrecked on the Continent by Europeans and to resist this heinous politically motivated court that seeks to humiliate the Continent and its leaders,” he retorted.

He lauded Uganda’s President Museveni for “his true African spirit” and other countries that stood by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto, “during their darkest days, when they were surrounded by the ICC wolves that wanted to tear them and Kenya apart”

“We also commend the spirit of those countries that defied the western witch hunt to arrest and hand over the Sudan President Mr. Bashir to the ICC white political motivated court, to answer for crimes that European themselves have committed in Sudan,” Karuhanga added.

The President also announced that the party intends to launch a campaign against foreign observers who he accused of interfering with African democracy.

“They are welcome to visit and observe, but they have no right or the authority to tell Africans how to vote or to vindicate African elections. The elections and post-election violence that has wreaked havoc on our people are rooted in the facts that, western powers impose its will in the form of EU election observers to determine who is the loser or winner in any African elections,” said Karuhanga.


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