Rwanda: More than 200,000Rwf Spent to Pursue a Single Judicial Case

Expenses incurred due to the unavailability of enforcements, visit this site the fact that defendants have not been cooperative, page corruption in some justice sectors and bureaucracy, have been major factors in delay of judgments which led to high expenses on disputes settled.

The low level of awareness of one’s law rights has also been a factor to big spending on legal cases in Rwanda

It costs 219,498Rwf to pursue a criminal case as, the average expense of pursuing a civil case is 263,073rwf

Speaking to ChimpReports, Munyamahoro Rene, the chairman of legal aid forum said after assessing citizens feedback on legal services, they  advise the government to set guidelines to who should  be provided with the legal aid in order to harmonise services and reduce expenses on judicial cases.”

Nabahire Anastase, the executive secretary in the ministry of justice said in order to reduce expenses on disupted cases, citizens should at first settle the disputes themselves before approaching justice.

He added the Ministry of Justice has put 3 lawyers on every District Office to help citizens study their case before approaching court.

Nabahire urged Rwandans to give Abunzi and neighbors a priority in solving a problem if possible  because this will reduce the expense of money spent on different cases.

He said it is expensive running in courts on an issue that would have been solved by neighbours or Abunzi (Mediators) .

The indecent cost associated with pursuing a legal case is astronomically high for the Rwandan indigent people.


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