Rwanda: Minister Biruta Warns Against Environmental Degradation

Rwanda’s Minister of Natural Resources, Dr. Vincent Biruta

Rwanda is increasingly facing global climate change consequences including, remedy flooding that leads to disasters such as landslides, droughts that adversely affect agricultural and natural resources output.

The eastern province of Rwanda which is the biggest has been the most affected part of the country hence hindering the 30% target of forest cover by 2020.

Marking the international forests day at Kigali Serena Hotel, Rwanda’s Minister of Natural Resources, Dr. Vincent Biruta warned about hazardous climate change and environmental degradation calling upon  everyone’s efforts in conserving the environment.

He said that private sector companies, entrepreneurs and all Rwandans should devise joint efforts  for combating land degradation, deforestation and hazardous effects of climate change.

“There is possible income in investing in forests. It shouldn’t sound as helping the government, instead it should be an opportunity to make money,” he said.

Among the measures discussed in combating  the  environmental degradation include sensitization of the 83% of the total population that uses firewood and increasing the usage of gas in cooking.

Afforestation was also hinted on for mainly the Eastern Province that has been seriously affected by environmental degradation.

Bad agricultural practices and high population pressure have also been named key drivers of environmental degradation

Rwanda targets to achieve 30%of forest cover by 2020, however 83%of the population still uses firewood in cooking.


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