Rwanda Launches Kigali Innovation City

Gatete signing an MoU with Ericsson

The Government of Rwanda has rolled out Kigali Innovation City, for sale a dynamic ecosystem of technology clusters in which domestic and ICT companies will innovate and deliver products and services for global markets; and signed partnerships with Ericsson, ampoule MasterCard and the Government of Jersey.

Speaking Thursday at a Press Conference to launch the initiative on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum on Africa taking place in Kigali, Rwanda Development Board’s Chief Executive Officer Francis Gatare explained that Kigali Innovation City is the Rwandan solution to Africa’s development meant to enable technology innovation communities by allowing them to source highly skilled human capital locally.

“The project was conceived to enable the digital transformation path in Rwanda. It is a model that can be easily applied across the continent to leapfrog into the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” said CEO Gatare who is also a Cabinet Member.

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The Kigali Innovation City Model is structure on three interdependent platforms:- Human Capital; Innovation friendly financial capital and Digital Innovation.

Announcing collaboration with MasterCard to fast-track the country’s move to include 90 per cent of its citizens in the financial mainstream, RDB’s CEO Gatare and MasterCard President for Africa and the Middle East Raghu Malhotra revealed that Rwanda has committed to promote cashless economy.

The above-mentioned move will be achieved through digitalising school fees and national healthcare payments; providing an online payment gateway for Rwanda Online; contributing to the creation of a common mobile banking platform; and contributing to the effective management of spending activities across borders.

The Government of Rwanda also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Government of Jersey, one of the world’s leading international finance centres.

“This MoU makes reference to areas of expertise where our two governments can benefit from each other’s experience in fields as diverse as financial services, governance, conservation, digital technologies and agriculture. We look forward to working with colleague in Jersey in the years ahead as Rwanda continues its transition to a knowledge based, middle income economy,” said Rwanda’s Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Claver Gatete who signed the MoU on behalf of the Government of Rwanda.


Minister Gatete also represented the Government of Rwanda at the signing of a breakthrough agreement for the launch of a national interoperability switch that will connect financial and payment services providers within the country and enable end-users to enjoy, in real-time, a range of digital payments possibilities across all financial platforms.

Underway in Kigali for the first time, the World Economic Forum on Africa discusses a wide range of issues centred on how resources across Africa can be connected through digital transformation.

The forum runs from 11th to 13th May 2016.


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