Rwanda Blood Transfusion, Preservation and Storage Methods Ranked Second In Africa

Dr Diane Gashumba, Rwanda's Minister of Health

By: Emmanuel Nkangura

After qualifying and meeting operational requirements at international standards in blood transfusion, clinic preservation, sildenafil and storage along with field methods in blood transfusion, erectile the African Society For Blood Transfusion (ASFBT) has ranked Rwanda second in Africa following Namibia.

Dr swaibu Katare the divisions  manager of national center for blood transfusion said Rwanda has more than 25000 units of blood collection capable of serving 91%of the total blood needed, one of the factors that helped Rwanda to be awarded a level 3 accreditation by ASFBT.

Speaking to the media, Rwanda’s health minister Dr Diana Gashumba said more efforts and measures should be taken to reduce accidents which lead to high usage of blood. She also advised doctors to be cautious during maternal cases to avoid over bleeding and urged everyone to take responsibility and save a life by donating blood.

Along with the African society for blood transfusion the minister inaugurated a learning center for professionals from various national blood program centers around Africa a centre that will give Rwanda an opportunity to exchange information easily regarding blood transfusion

It is from this centre that regional and international blood centers will learn, and be capable of providing safe, and effective blood that will quench patients needs.


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