Rwanda: 2 Arrested Over Masquerading as Police Brokers

The suspects, Jean Baptiste Mbarushimana and Seleman Ngirabakunzi

Police in Kigali has arrested two men, sildenafil who have been masquerading as ‘Police Brokers’ and soliciting money from owners of vehicles seeking vehicle mechanical inspection services.

Jean Baptiste Mbarushimana and Seleman Ngirabakunzi were arrested in Remera, rx Gasabo District on June 21st as part of the ongoing crackdown against self-styled brokers.

One of the suspects, Ngirabakunzi collaborated with Police investigations saying that he has been involved in this criminal business for two years now.

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“We have been doing this for two years now as a group and there are others we work together; we would charge Rwf20, 000 for small cars and Rwf30, 000 for big vehicles like fuso and other trucks,” Ngirabakunzi said.

According to Ngirabakunzi, he has so far defrauded 40 car owners and drivers in the last two years.

“When the owner of the car pays me, after convincing him that I have internal contacts at Remera motor vehicle mechanical inspection Centre, who would help and give them priority when they arrive, I would pretend that I am on phone with my contact and he would go thinking that the deal is real,” he said.

“The reality is that we have no contacts and when victims call back after failing to get the services we promised, we don’t pick up their calls and that’s how the story goes with all that we have cheated.”

According to Chief Supt. Emmanuel Kalinda, the commanding officer of MIC, 25 people masquerading as Police brokers have been arrested since the beginning of this year.

He added that such successful arrests are facilitated mostly by would-be victims or members of the public, who witness such illegal dealings and call Police.

He said that in most cases, victims are drivers who attempt to use fraudulent procedures, which is also a crime in itself and a loss as well. He appealed to owners of vehicles to follow up their automobiles or take them for inspection themselves, to prevent such from happening.

“This is fraud and deceit. I don’t see why even people should be thinking of taking such criminal shortcuts that are almost impossible; the motor vehicle inspection services are faster and reliable. Vehicle owners shouldn’t be lied that things are complex here because those are the same people who tend to lure them into believing that there are other costs involved through the so called brokers,” CSP Kalinda said.

“We work from Monday to Saturday from 5:00 am to 6:00 pm, with officers working in shifts and inspecting a vehicle takes not more than five minutes,” he added.

Under article 318 of the Rwandan penal code, obtaining the property of another person by fraud attracts an imprisonment of up to five years and fine of up to Rwf5 million.

Currently, MIC Remera has three inspection lanes and has the capacity to inspect up to 500 vehicles per day.

Meanwhile, Rwanda National Police is currently constructing two more lanes at MIC Remera expected to be operational by September, as part of its expansion programmer to serve the increasing number of vehicle in the country. Once completed, the Centre will be having the capacity to inspect over 700 vehicles per day.

The number of vehicle inspections last year increased by about 27 percent to 96, 283, up from 75, 839 inspections in the previous year. In this year’s first two months alone, a total of 17094 vehicles were inspected.


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