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RWAMUTWE MURDER: Police Issue Composite Images of Suspect

The composite image of the suspect in Rwamutwe's murder

Police have released a composite image of a suspect in the murder of Bushenyi district businessman, see John Rwamutwe.

The wealthy resident of Bushenyi district was kidnapped by unknown people who later slaughtered him.

The deceased’s body was later cut into pieces before being kept in a box.

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The killers used Rwamutwe’s Surf brand car registration Number UAQ 567 R to take the body parts to Kyarutanga in Ibanda District.

The horrific murder exhibited the highest level of crudeness, search shaking the nation.

The law enforcement body said the composite picture is of a “male suspect waned by police in connection with the case of kidnap and murder under Bushenyi CRB 740/2017 which occurred in the night of 2/5/2017.”

Police said it “appeals to anyone who might have any information leading to the arrest of the suspect to contact police” on several numbers.

Specioza Mbabazi, a sister of the deceased, told a gathering at the crime scene that family members were contacted by Rwamutwe’s captors before they murdered him.

She said the strangers called Rwamutwe’s wife Mrs Monica Kebirungi Rwamutwe and asked for Shs 500,000, which she was to send on her husband’s mobile money number and she obliged.

They reportedly told her they were in Isingiro district at the moment.

The sister says the killers forced Rwamutwe to speak to his wife on the phone and convinced her to wire the money.

Once they received it, the phone went off.

Police officers at the scene told ChimpReports the fallen businessman was murdered in shocking brutality.

The body was apparently found with what’s believed to be nail holes in the back, the neck, and on the knees on top of several other wounds.

So far, three people have been arrested in relation to the gruesome murder.


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