Rwakakamba to Head Government-Citizen Interaction Centre

Special Presidential Assistant – Research and Information, diagnosis Morrison Rwakakamba has been appointed as the Head of the Government Citizen Interaction Centre (GCIC).

Rwakakamba, symptoms a renowned researcher, politician and agriculture enthusiast becomes the first head of the call centre which was recently rolled out.

The centre, according to officials, will serve as the primary contact point for its citizens and platform for people-driven monitoring of service delivery, working as a primary channel for feedback and suggestions from citizens.

Speaking about his appointment, Rwakakamba said he was excited for an opportunity to be at the fore front of a platform that will keep the government accountable to the citizens.

“This is a broad two-way platform where citizens get to speak to the government and they also get feedback. I am excited to be at the fore front of this,” he told ChimpReports on phone.

Rwakakamba says the GCIC will primarily aggregate data from MDAs and transform it into simplified, visualized and analyzed information – and channel it to responsible dissemination/ communication centers of government.

“We’ll have full time government communications personnel with linguistic capability to attend to all suggestions, complaints and feedback coming through. Working hours will be communicated,” he said.

Asked about how the GCIC will be different from the normal call centres, which apparently have proven not effective, Rwakamba said “this is not just a call centre.”

“We have different means through which information will be disseminated and feedback received, including sms, phone calls, twitter, Instagram, facebook and blogs. Telecoms are now connecting to enable toll free interaction and the number to call is 900,” he said.

Who is Morrison Rwakakamba

Rwakakamba is the founding Chief Executive Officer at Agency for Transformation (AfT), a think tank on agriculture and environmental policy.

Born in from Nyeibingo, Kebisoni, Rukungiri District in South Western Uganda, Rwakakamba is also a Special Assistant to the President of Uganda, charged with research and information in the Presidency.

Currently, he is HIID Merit Scholar & Mason Fellow in Public Policy Management, at Harvard University – Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

He received his first degree in Education from Makerere University, Kampala in 2003. Before attending the School of political science at Makerere University where he obtained a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies (IRDS) in 2006.


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