Rwabwogo Responds to Wife’s Death Rumours

President Museveni’s son-in-law Odrek Rwabwogo, link has blasted reports that his wife Patience is dead.

The false rumour spread like a wild fire on social media this past weekend.

It was alleged that Patience had passed on in a foreign hospital.

Rwabwogo said all was well with his family and that the reports were being carried by “irresponsible” social media users.

Below is his response in full: Written by Odrek Rwabwogo in response to fake social media news on the death of his wife, viagra sale Patience Museveni Rwabwogo.

By: Odrek Rwabwogo.

“Every right and every aspect of freedom carries a level of responsibility, at the very minimum to speak the truth and respect the privacy and sensibilities of other human beings.
However, Social media and some of its users aren’t just downright irresponsible but they are cowards, faceless paper tigers that would rather allege and not have audacity to prove, lie without without shame, tarnish images of those they have never met and disappear in thin air.

I grew up in the era of debate, full research and interrogation of facts and showing up for a cause you believe in. I am always surprised by the behavior of some of the people on all these channels.

Those of you who want to maintain some level of decency and professional integrity to make these channels work for us as both educational and information sources, must exercise restraint and not give air to this kind of behavior.

We must not forward these and many other things I see on these channels, things that are sometimes vulgar language, promote pornography and evil wishes for families and friends. Now, since social media is an ungoverned territory and will only increase with time, our traditional norms and values as families and individuals shouldn’t be broken to serve this monster.

We must resist the temptation to support uncultured behavior that some people exhibit on these channels. We must delete rather than circulate the lies and evil that people distribute at a touch of a button. We too certainly have a responsibility as users.

For those who read the death wishes, this is to let you know all is well, and we are working both at the farm and in the city and none of us has been out of the country. And perhaps those who wish these kinds of things about other people need to know that they are heaping blessings on those they wish evil to return to the sender seven times”


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