Rukungiri RDC, Town Clerk Clash Over Absenteeism

Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner Martin Mugabi speaking to Chimpreports

Bad blood is brewing between the Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner Martin Mugabi and the Municipality Town Clerk Andrew Otim Kibwota.

Mugabi is accusing the town clerk Kibwota of abandoning his duty station which is in Rukungiri to spend most of the time in Kampala attending to his personal businesses.

Mugabi raised the concern on Wednesday while speaking to our reporter in his office in Rukungiri town.

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He says that ever since Kibwota was appointed town clerk, more about http://centroilponte.com/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar/app/view/event/post.php he has been rarely seen in office; He was last seen when government released local government funds for the first quarter of the year.

Mugabi is worried that service delivery has been hampered in the municipality because of the absence of the town clerk.

“Civil servants that he is supposed to supervise are doing shoddy work with no one to question them, about it ” he said.

“Getting government salary without working is one form of corruption that our president needs to address urgently.”

Kibwota, the Rukungiri town clerk when contacted on phone by Chimpreports rubbished the RDC
accusations saying  that he is always in office but the RDC is just trying to witch-hunt him.


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