Rukungiri: NRM’S Matsiko Wins Election Petition

Matsiko with her supporters celebrating the ruling

Kabale High Court has quashed a petition that sought to nullify the election petition of Winfred Matsiko as the Rukungiri woman member of parliament.

The petition was filed by Betty Muzanira, stomach a member of the opposition FDC, for sale citing bribery and non compliance with the electoral laws. Matsiko won the elections with 54966 and Muzanira polled 50177 votes.

Muzanira also accused  Matsiko of bribing the voters. She claimed that while at Nyakishenyi catholic parish on the 1st January 2016, visit this Matsiko gave out 50,000 shillings and 150,000 shillings.

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She  also  had  told court that  there was a lot of differences in the results that  are in the   national gazette as it shows that  she got 57,812 votes (48.3 per cent) and  Winfred Masiko 61,561 votes
(51.6 per cent) but the declaration forms signed by Rukungiri district returning officer shows that  Masiko got 58,994 votes while  for her  she  got 54,966 votes

In his ruling Justice John Wilson Kwesiga, said that the petitioner (Muzanira) after filing the allegations, that was when she went ahead to solicit for evidence in form of affidavits.

Justice Kwesiga  also said that it appeared  that  those that volunteered  or  that were persuaded to support  the petition got engaged  in customer  tailored affidavits .

“She didn’t know who her witness were and  she didn’t not know  that their  testimonies would be. There were many affidavits procured or filed after the petition and had been answered  by the respondent and in my assessment  the witnesses made the  affidavits  to cover  up which crated more doubts in the affidavits   and petitioner case as a whole,” he ruled before dismissing the petition with  costs .

Matsiko while speaking to the press at the Kabale high court said she was happy for winning the case. She said her opponent was being used by her long term rivals. She added that she needed up to Shs 300million in costs.

Muzanira on the other hand vowed to appeal the judgment saying that the judge didn’t evaluate well the evidence especially on bribery.

Winfred Matsiko represented  Rukungiri district  as the woman  member of  parliament  till 2011 when she lost her seat to state minister  of  finance in charge  of pensions Prisca Ssezi Mbaguta  but last year she made a comeback  after defeating Mbaguta in the NRM primaries.


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