Rukungiri Court Set to Hear 30 Plea Burgain Cases


Court in Rukungiri is set at the end of November and the beginning of
December to begin hearing of 36 criminal cases under the plea bargain

The sessions are to be held from 28th November 2016 to 2nd December 2016 at the Rukungiri Chief Magistrates court where the Kabale resident judge Justice Moses Kawuma Kazibwe is to hear the

The cases to be heard date as far as 2013 where Murder cases make up half of them followed by rape, viagra approved and Aggravated defilement.

Oundo Geoffrey, buy more about the Rukungiri resident state Attorney says the plea bargain session is a preparation to the main session that will be coming soon.

Rukungiri central prison has a total of 469 inmates with 193 of them committed but not yet produced in High court

Through the Plea Bargaining arrangement, an accused person agrees with a prosecutor to plead guilty to an offense in exchange for a lesser

The procedure also enables an accused person to negotiate for a lesser offense or to be turned into a prosecution witness
against other accused persons.

The procedure can be initiated orally or in writing by the accused person or the prosecution at any stage of a case before the sentence is passed, and plea bargain agreements are reviewed and approved by a judge or magistrate.

Since its pilot in the High Court in Kampala, mid-2014, the procedure has proved to be quick and cheap to run by the courts, helps to decongest prisons, reduction of case backlog, and promotes
reconciliation between accused persons and the victims.

The courts save up to 70 percent of the costs spent on cases in the adversarial trial system


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