Rugunda Urges Global Leaders on Refugee Crisis

Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda

Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda has called upon world leaders to invest in a holistic approach that includes devoting to peace, dosage security, check stability and improving governance as a way of combating displacement of people.

Rugunda made these remarks while speaking at the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, Turkey on Monday May 23rd.

“It ?s ?mportant that ?n address?ng ?ssues around displacement, we use a hol?st?c approach that tackles the real root causes. We must f?x our governance. We must f?ght poverty and ?mprove the qual?ty of the l?ves of our people and invest in peace and security,” he said.

The summit is an initiative first proposed by UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, in January 2012 to ensure countries, organisations and relief workers come together to address global humanitarian crises. The two-day event is the first of its kind and moves to improve how aid is given and how the world reacts to crises better.

Dr. Rugunda called upon the attendees to treat refugees and other affected persons as human be?ngs and to accord them the d?gn?ty they deserve, saying that “no one chooses to be a refugee or to be displaced but they are forced by circumstances.”

The event was attended by the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), H.E Jan Eliasson, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, H.E. Filippo Grandi, Tammam Salam, the President of the Council of Ministers of the Lebanese Republic, Justine Greening, the Secretary of State for International Development of the United Kingdom among others.

The Prime Minister explained that the experience in Uganda has shaped the natives’ world view and that Ugandans now appreciate the value of having Internally Displaced Peoples (IDP) camps.

“Over the years, Uganda has experienced first-hand the challenges of managing Internally Displaced Persons and Refugees. I am pleased to say that today, the Government has been able to resettle all of the IDPs back to their homes, although we still host over 520,000 refugees and the numbers keep growing every day.”

Rugunda added that Uganda went ahead to establish a Ministry responsible for IDPs and Refugees, adopted a policy, and enacted a law for the management of refugees in the country.

“These two instruments have been mainstreamed into the National Development Plans and receive annual budget allocations,” He said.


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