Rugunda to Cabinet: Do Away With ‘Business as Usual’ Attitude

Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda joins other Cabinet Ministers for a photo on Thursday

Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda has urged Cabinet against the attitude of conducting business as usual but rather to effectively exercise their duties so as to improve of Ugandans. He pointed out that the government is faced with an enormous task of transforming Uganda and this will require each political leader to fulfill their constitutional mandate.

The Prime Minister was Thursday opening the Cabinet induction retreat at Serena Resort in Kigo.

“The task before us as Cabinet is clearly enormous. For Cabinet to perform, buy each and every member of Cabinet must strive to fully exercise the authority vested in us by virtue of the portfolios we manage, this and most importantly, be effective in executing our respective ministerial mandates,” Rugunda told Ministers.

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He intimated that the retreat seeks to help Cabinet to reflect on what makes an effective minister. In addition, he challenged them to work closely with their respective Permanent Secretaries and to build strong teams with whom they will deliver on their duties.

“A major challenge for us as government today is the pressing need to speed up decision making to facilitate investment and businesses, accelerate implementation of government programmes and improve service delivery to our people.”

He added; “The public sector can no longer rely on a business as usual approach. We need to have game changers in our systems, especially detailed implementation planning, real-time monitoring and problem solving, regular performance reviews and evaluation with effective rewards and sanctions.”

According to the Prime Minister, embracing a business approach in the public sector requires a proactive change of mindset.


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