Rugunda Hoodwinked The Public On My Return – Lukwago

Lukwago arrives for the press conference he held at his home this morning

Salongo Erias Lukwago has dared government to come out and declare the progress of the said talks intended to see him resume duties as Kampala Lord Mayor.

Addressing journalists on Monday in Kampala, find Lukwago said nothing had happened in regard to the negotiations for his return to office and stressed that government hoodwinked the public.

“The Prime Minister stood at the floor of Parliament and promised dialogue with the Leader of Opposition and I Okayed it but with my own reservations considering what had happened previously. The Leader of
Opposition got himself ready but nothing up to now has happened, price ” Lukwago noted.

“We waited for December, then January and now February is soon ending but nothing has come out. I thought the Prime Minister meant what he said on the floor of Parliament but it seems they just hoodwinked the public.”

Lukwago said on the contrary that government was stepping up efforts to keep him out of office by taking to the Supreme Court seeking restraint orders off the City Hall premises.

“It’s not true as reports had indicated that the Court of Appeal has set date for my application against the Attorney General and KCCA,  but rather an application by government seeking for orders against an earlier directive by High court that reinstated me back to office,” Lukwago noted.

Last week reports indicated that the Court of Appeal had set March 5 to kick off hearing of the appeal by Erias Lukwago challenging the decision to kick him out of office.

According to the embattled Lord Mayor, the appeal set for that day is by government in which they seek court to stay orders issued by High Court Jusitce Lydia Mugambe in which she ordered Lukwago back to office.

“Through the said appeal, the IGG and KCCA are seeking an injunction stopping me from implementing the functions of the Lord Mayor and in doing this government is panicking and don’t know what to do after going on record and deceiving the public on the negotiations,” Lukwago explained.

He added, “I had given government the benefit of doubt in the negotiations it seems they are taking parliament and the public for a ride considering what they are doing.”


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