Rugunda Hails Kadaga’s “Tolerance” Amid Age Limit Chaos

Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda,

Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda has praised Speaker Rebecca Kadaga of Parliament and his deputy Jacob Oulanyah for being tolerant at a time their orders and guidance were being defied opponents of the constitutional amendment to remove the Presidential Age Limit.

Rugunda termed the events earlier last week on the parliament floor as “open defiance of the authority of the speaker”

“I have been here for a long time, since the NRM took power. We never saw such defiance in the house,” he said, in reference to the chaos and physical fights on the house floor on Tuesday and Wednesday last week which compelled the Speaker to suspend 25 MPs for three sittings.

“People resorted to surrounding the table; singing the national anthem instead of letting parliament proceed,” he said.

“The Speaker and her deputy in the previous sitting were tolerant when their orders were defied and disrespected.  They remained calm until they were overstretched and they had to take the necessary steps”

Rugunda while addressing press at his office in Kampala said that the fracas that saw  that saw a number of MPs brutally arrested and injured, were all their own making.

He said, “It was in implementation (of the speaker’s orders) that there was some bit of fracas; this was created by MPs who defied the authority of the speaker.”

On the concerns that the Parliamentary Chambers were invaded by non-police security agents who forcefully dragged MPs out of the house, Rugunda said all this was done within the provisions of the law.

He explained that the security system in Uganda involves different agencies and that the police can and has authority to call on other agencies or anyone else to ensure order in the house.

“This is what was done and thanks to this swift action and wise ruling by the speaker, serenity calm and order was restored in the house.”

“We have had more meetings in the house. Hon Raphael Magezi was able to move his motion and we have since handled other bills such as the, Labour technology and Biosafety Bill.”

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