Rugunda Challenges Universities on Innovation, Job Creation

Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda has challenged universities to take on a leading role in offering solutions to Uganda’s contemporary problems, price among them unemployment and health.

He noted that in the era of technological advancement, government is looking at higher institutions of learning as the drivers of innovation.

Dr. Rugunda was Tuesday officiating at the release of the Omaswa report which seeks financial, governance and administrative reforms within universities.

“While universities like Makerere have had a good record in knowledge transfer and research over the years, Uganda is faced with new realities like lack of jobs. What are universities doing to respond to these new problems?” the Prime Minister wondered.

He cited leading technology companies; Google, Microsoft and Samsung which he said have played a significant part in creating employment and boosting the economy in USA and China.

“Government is looking at learning institutions as centers of innovation that will accelerate Uganda from a low income country to middle income status,” he added.

In a similar appeal, Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology Hon. Sandy Stevens Tickodri asked that universities move from their traditional teaching role to innovating new solutions.

He proposed that these institutions align their activities with Africa Union’s science and innovation strategy which seeks to facilitate Africa’s industrialization.

Rugunda hailed Makerere University for its contribution in solving health challenges through research and education in general.

A number of education experts have previously advocated for an overhaul of the learning curriculum for higher institutions of learning which they criticize for being largely theoretic.

Others suggest that there’s need to further establish and support vocational institutions to produce a more skilled labor force.



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