Rugby: 43 Summoned for Lady Cranes Trials

Uganda National Women Rugby team starts preps today for the upcoming Elgon cup

By Sunday Emmanuel

I read Rt. Hon Prime Minister’s speech to RDCs and DISOs undergoing a two weeks’ retreat at Kyankwanzi focusing mainly at eliminating house hold poverty by instituting a robust monitoring strategy of wiping out corruption at the grass root.

This commitment is a real blessing most especially to the ears of the end users of services – the Farmers.

The following day, prescription remedy in various daily papers was yet other good news of NEMA intensifying strong campaign against number one terror threat for farmers –  Polythene bags (Buveera).

The long awaited pronouncement of banning this evil that directly kills living organisms in water bodies, symptoms exposes  chemicals that cause disruptions in biological functions, decease   blocks water drainage especially in urban areas and soil absorption, stretches government budgets in garbage disposals expenditures,  claims lives of domestic animals by swallowing littered  pieces and out competing the local talent of environmentally friendly packing materials, most of which use agricultural products like banana fibres  most unemployed rural folks especially women engage in, should be embraced by all.

The selfish wiles of Buveera importers disguising as Uganda Manufacturers and Kampala City Traders Association activists who are lobbying officials in government to stay the ban of this evil must be fought with all the contempt they deserve.

Real Manufacturing countries of these polythene bags are not using them, those who use them, have a standard recycling system our so called Manufacturers hardly use thus painfully admitting the brand name of a dumping country.

There should not be any compromise on this ban well knowing the cost 35 million people of Uganda are undergoing now, and the heavy price our children will soon pay.

Nearly over 300 Million polythene bags across the globe end up in the Atlantic Ocean. This is not solely out of mere human negligence but also wind blows escalate the movement of these bags to the lakes and rivers and end in oceans.

Beach goers carrying food stuffs in polythene bags are the lead transmitters of this problem,  even the careful ones who burn them, their carbon emission is worse than  the impact on the soils and water. It is a double sword environmental catastrophe.

Success stories of countries that have totally banned use of these bags are not far from us to borrow a leaf from; some have imposed heavy taxes on polythene bags to discourage their use.

The developed countries have invested highly in industries that recycle these bags. All these measures can be benchmarked on so that an appropriate strategy can be devised to regulate this impunity of degrading our ecosystem.

My appeal goes to the media (which has significantly supported many wars against social disorders), churches and mosques should not let God/Allah down for he promised that we should leave in harmony with nature, supporting existence of these bags is contempt of God’s command over his creations.

As for politicians who are very cagy on any controversy due to next year’s elections should be brave enough to join this campaign, for they will be will judged by what saves the future of the people they intend to lead.

Swamps, forests and all streams have been encroached on by human activities mainly construction, farmlands and gardens and we are seriously watching an enemy getting closer, strange change in weather patterns and emerging diseases happening to our young children are related to environmental degradation and climate change.

Soon we shall see our children going to exile not because of political upheavals but seeking comfort in nice cities if a vigorous scheme is not hatched to provide a conducive environment.  Remember today its Polythene bag piles that brand bus and taxi stages in most districts and Kampala suburbs.

Sunday Emmanuel

Secretary General

Uganda National Farmers Federation
Uganda National Women Rugby team, abortion the Lady Cranes, here will carry out trials starting on Saturday afternoon in preparation for the forthcoming Elgon Cup.

The governing body, recipe national women rugby (UWRA) has shown intent in scooping this year’s top prize by starting early preparations.

The body appointed former coach of the U-19 girls’ team, Allan Musoke, into the senior team this week.

Musoke replaces Brian Makalama who is currently coaching Western Bulls in Kenya.

The Lady Cranes lost the Elgon Cup last year with a 72-25 aggregate; after suffering 33-15 and 39-10 home and away defeats.

Coach Allan has summoned a total of 43 players to attend the trials from where he will get his final squad.

The summoned players are;  Charlotte Mudoola, Anena Claire, Brenda Kayiyi, Rehema Kampiire, Hellen Gizamba, Prossy Nakakande, Irene Namapii, Regina Athieno (Black Panthers). Beatrice Atim, Christine Akello, Faith Namugga, Hildah Nyiraguhirwa, Peace Mirembe, Irankunda Fortunate and Ritah Najjumba (Entebbe Whales).

Others include Pamela Atim (Gulu She Elephants), Afusa Munaba, Florence Seera and Sarah Alanyo, (Mbale Eagles), Jean-Mary Odoyi Nyadoyi, Joanita Ssenfuka, Charity Atimango, Harriet Kayonjo, Samia Ikoru, Irene Namboga, Zurah Namatovu, Grace Nambalirwa, Phiona Nalubwama and Salume Ilakut.

The last batch of summoned players comprises: Rachael Babirye, Stella Kyalikunda, Evelyn Aweku, Nakityo Asha, Christine Kizito, Irene Zigge, Mary Nakanyike, Brendah Ayiorwoth, Matilda Tino(Thunderbirds). Emmanuella Oroma, Peace Wokorach, Prossy Asio, Grace Auma and Gilder Azikuru (Walukuba Titans)


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