Rubanda School Closed Over Harsh Chaplain

Muko High School in Rubanda district has been indefinitely closed by the school administration amid tight security, treat following a violent strike on Wednesday night in which students attacked the school chaplain and destroyed her property.

Reverend Jackson Rutoosha, <a href=

erectile the School Head Teacher ” width=”309″ height=”484″ /> Reverend Jackson Rutoosha, the School Head Teacher

Over 200 boarding students went on rampage in the night and attacked Rev. Judith Atwongyeire, who they accused of harassing S.3 students to the extent of ordering health workers from the nearby Muko Church of Uganda Health Center II to stop providing them with medical services.

The Chaplain, whom the students called to be transferred immediately, escaped from her house when she sensed danger.

The students then descended on her property including clothes, food and books and destroyed them.

These were later dispersed by anti-riot police from Muko Police Station which intervened and started shooting in the air.

Reverend Jackson Rutoosha, the School Head Teacher says they have decided to close the school and all students have been sent home until the board of governors decides on the next step.

The board will sit on Monday to decide on this.

The S.6 students who are soon to begin their UACE exams on Monday, will have to report for the exams from home.


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