Road to Ntungamo: How the Teams Reached Finals

Last year's Cup Winners URA

Former senior officials previously accused of attempting a coup against the government of President Salva Kiir in South Sudan have returned home, viagra order information pills Chimp Corps exclusively report.

The political detainees who were released through Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta’s intervention during the early days of the conflict in South Sudan were on Wednesday received at Juba presidential palace by President Kiir.

The move is seen as a big step forward in reconciling warring SPLA factions and restoring peace and stability in the war-torn country.

A disagreement between President Kiir and his sacked deputy Dr Riek Machar in December 2013 sparked off a deadly gun battle among the Dinka and Neur soldiers in the elite presidential guard before chaos spread outside Juba.

Thousands have since perished in the fighting as the country teeters on the verge of a humanitarian crisis.

Kiir was quoted by officials as saying “the return of SPLA top members was beginning of a new chapter in healing old wounds.”

He also asked the returnees to work towards the nation’s unity and prosperity.

Kenyatta last week broke the news of the return of SPLA top brass.

Speaking at State House, Nairobi, after a lengthy meeting attended by representatives of the IGAD peace process, the Arusha peace talks and 10 former SPLM officials, President Kenyatta announced that the South Sudan peace process will now have a new impetus to bring the war to an end.

The IGAD peace process has been ongoing for two years but has been marked by lack of adherence to agreements by the two warring sides led by President Kiir and Machar.

The Arusha peace talks to re-unify SPLM was an initiative by Tanzania and South Africa.

Despite being complimentary to each other, the two processes have not resulted in an end to the conflict.

It is for this reason that President Kenyatta embarked on a mission to merge the two peace processes so that they can have one focus.

He had also said that the former political detainees should play a bigger role in the reconciliation process without taking sides.

The President then announced that the two processes have been merged and the former detainees will go back home to start reconciling President Kiir and Mr Machar.

“Today, the two processes have come together and the former detainees who have been in Nairobi are ready to go back home to bring peace back to their country by reconciling the warring leaders,” he said when he addressed a press conference at State House last Friday.

New chapter

“Five of the former detainees who are here today will head back home to lay the groundwork for an all-inclusive process to bring together the two sides in the conflict,” he said.

The former detainees were accompanied to South Sudan by the Deputy President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa; IGAD ministers and Secretary General of Tanzania’s ruling party.

President Kenyatta called on the former detainees, six of them former Generals, to be selfless to ensure the people of South Sudan get peace.

“We want the people of South Sudan to enjoy the prosperity that independence should have brought them,” he said.

He urged them to care about the people of South Sudan and not the positions in government.

“Go back home where you belong with a spirit to heal and the whole region is ready to help you but you have to help us help the people of South Sudan. Talk to the two leaders and also the Generals in the bush,” said the President.


Pagan Amum, who held senior positions in South Sudan including being the Secretary General of SPLM, said one of the reasons that motivate them to reconcile the warring groups was to pay back President Kenyatta for his efforts to bring peace in their country and for his intervention to have former SPLM leaders freed.

He said President Kenyatta saved their lives when he personally called President Kiir and asked him to release the former detainees to Kenya.

“You have saved our lives from our own hands but what is the use of our lives if we cannot go back and save other lives,” said Mr Amum, who spoke on behalf of the other South Sudanese leaders in the meeting before the press conference.

He said they are not interested in any position in Government but will use all efforts to reunite President Kiir and his former Vice President for the sake of the people.

“It is not moral for us to continue staying in the safety of Kenya because we still bleed when our brothers and sisters die back at home,” he said.

Mr Amum said the peace talks have not made significant progress so far because the South Sudanese leaders, including himself, have been stubborn.

“Your efforts have not failed. We will restore your dignity and the dignity of South Sudan,” said Mr Amum.

Amum said their first task is to unite the SPLM party and to deal with obstacles blocking the IGAD process.

Others who accompanied Mr Amum are Deng Alor, Kosti Manibe, Cirino Hiteng, Chol Tong, Rebecca Garang, John Luk, Oyai Deng, Madut Biar and Majak Agot.

Drama ensued at the launch of the NRM registration exercise in Fort Portal when a Reverend Father attached to Fort Portal diocese went on rampage and fought with the chairman LC3.

It happened on Monday at Kagote SDA hall, troche West division, drugs Fort Portal municipality when Fr.Baryabuza Leo the NRM vice chairman Kyenjojo exchanged blows with Mr.Sanyu Rwamyeri the chairman LC3 Nyantungo sub county, Kyenjojo District accusing him of defaming him in public.

Trouble started when the NRM delegates from Kyenjojo rejected Mrs Winnie Ngobi as NRM district Registrar on claims that her name had been proposed and submitted by Minister Aston Kajara with the intention of sabotaging the NRM primary elections.

Fr. Baryabuza who was not in support for Ngobi’s election proposed Muhumuza Stephen alias Emboko who was also backed by LC5 chairman Kyenjojo James Byamukama.

Byamukama, who doubles as the district NRM chairman said, “I’m not in support of Ngobi because some of the aspirants in different positions in the 2016 general elections were fronting her and if elected as registrar she would be used to rig elections in their favor”.

This however did not go well with Chairman Rwamyeri who accused Fr. Baryabuza of being used by NRM district chairman James Byamukama to front a registrar who will favor them in rigging elections during primaries in Mwenge South where Byamukama plans to unseat Minister Kajara.

Mr.Rwamyeri further said that Fr. Baryabuza was some time back arrested on allegations of vote rigging in Kyenjojo.

Infuriated by the allegations Fr.Baryabuza got up and slapped Rwamyeri’s several times before a fight ensued. The duo was however rescued by the NRM delegates who were in a closed meeting.

Despite the protests, members ended up voting Winnie Ngobi as NRM registrar who won with 22 votes beating Muhumuza Stephen who garnered 11 votes.

James Byamukama the NRM chairman stormed out of the meeting after members elected his enemy Ngobi as registrar, leaving his boss Kenneth Omona who represented the NRM secretary General Kasule Lumumba in the hall.

Omona asked the members to go with this decision as the secretariats looks into their grievances.


41st Uganda Cup final

Saturday 9th June 2015

KCC FC vs SC Villa

Kyamatte Sports Ground  Ntungamo

Fee: Stands- 10, pharmacy 000 VIP-20, seek 000

The 41st edition of the Uganda cup will climax with a mouthwatering ‘Kampala derby’ clash pitting old foes, page Kampala city council FC and SC villa.

Despite yesterday’s hitch where KCCA’s were involved in an accident, the players are reported in good health and the final will proceed as slated on Saturday 6th June in Kyamate sports ground in Ntungamo.

As the old saying dictates that when the going gets tough, only the strong ones will survive as it is the case here, 64 teams started the journey for a slot in next year’s CAF Confederation cup but only two are left to tussle out for the champion.

Each teams has been involved in six games up to this stage even though Villa has physically played five following Busia United’s failure to turn up for the round of 32 clash. We look briefly at both teams journey as part of the countdown to the big event.

Both teams have faced two top tier teams in three matches but it is KCC fc that has virtually had a tougher campaign facing the defending champion, URA FC away and also a grueling test from lower division Kyambogo fc who were labeled the tournament’s giant killers after bringing down much fancied sides at the fortress in Kyambogo. Kyambogo is responsible for eliminating League champions Vipers, and newly promoted League debutants The Saints on top of sweeping aside Sadolin Fc.

The 2014 finalists have only had one chance to play in front of their fans, against Lweza Fc, in the last four segments courtesy of a mandatory home-away rule.

Out of the five outings, coach Mubiru’s side has won four in normal time while going an extra mile to post match penalty mark kicks in the round of eight against big-team tormentors, Kyambogo Fc where they won 4-1 after a one all draw courtesy of a Herman Waswa late equalizer.

Waswa has been the most outstanding player for the side scoring the winner against URA and both legs in the semifinals.

Sc Villa on their side only had a real test after the round of 16 against SC Victoria who stretched them until the 120 minutes elapsed and Bul Fc who they struggled to win in both legs in the semifinals.


Both teams come into the final searching for a ninth trophy to try and catch up with record winners, Express Fc who stand high with 10. En route to the finals KCC and Villa struggled beyond the normal time to win their respective matches, while in the last four the teams registered twin results of 1-0 in both reverse fixtures with the goals coming in the first half of their respective games.

The trophy, unlike several years ago, is much hyped save to the fact that both teams lost the league trophy to Vipers and this is the only trophy present. The winner of the cup will represent the country in next year’s Caf confederations cup.

KCC FC Uganda Cup campaign

15th Feb 2015: Seeta United 1-2 KCC FC [R64]

24th Mar 2015: URA FC 1-2 KCC fC [R32]

28th Mar 2015: Ndejje Uni 0-2 KCC FC [R16]

19th April 2015: Kyambogo fc  1(1)-1(4) KCC FC [QF]

26th April 2015: KCC FC 1-0 Lweza FC [SF1]

3rd May 2015: Lweza Fc 1-0 KCC FC [SF2]


SC Villa Uganda cup campaign

12th Feb 2015: Azam Uganda FC 0(2) – 0(4) SC Villa [R64]

10th Mar 2012: SC Villa c-c Busia United FC [R32]

24th May 2015: SC Villa 4-0 Proline FC [R16]

19th April 2015: SC Victoria Uni 0-1 SC Villa AET [QF]

26th April 2015: Bul FC 0-1 SC Villa [SF1]

3rd May 2015:  SC Villa 1-0 Bul Fc [SF2]

9th June 2015: KCCA FC vs SC Villa [final]



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