River Humya Breaks Banks, 6 Dead

Director, Fire Prevention and Rescue Services Deputy IGP Joseph Mugisha addressing journalists

The Tuesday morning heavy down pours have claimed more than 6 lives and left hundreds of people displaced in Bundibugyo district.

According to the Director, more about Fire Prevention and Rescue Services Deputy IGP Joseph Mugisha, tadalafil the heavy rains that began last night caused River Humya in Bubukwanga Sub county in Bundibugyo District to burst its banks leaving 6 people dead and many others injured.

“By midday, our rescue team had retrieved 6 bodies and are still doing whatever is possible to help those affected as well as find out if there are more others stilling missing,” noted Mugisha while addressing the media at Fire Brigade headquarters on Entebbe road.

Mugisha said there was little floods in Kampala City centre and no alarming incidence has so far been reported to police given the rains that poured through morning.

The director appealed to Ugandans to be watchful during this rainy season and to report any likeness of a disaster beforehand.


He also assured that his department together with the Office of the Prime Minister has set up an Emergency Rescue team that will ensure that any likely disaster and calamity is handled during the Inauguration ceremony of President Yoweri Museveni on Thursday, May 12.

Several fire brigade vans, ambulances, caterpillars, graders and medical personnel he said, have been put in place to safeguard those attending the ceremony in Kololo.




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