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Rescued Ugandans Speak out on Life in Captivity

Five Ugandans who were abducted by South Sudanese rebels and were recently rescued have narrated their ordeal while in captivity.

Dauda Ssebandeke, about it Hamidu Walusimbi, Swaibu Nkalubo, Hassan Muliika and Yasin Mukama told journalists at the police headquarters in Naguru where they were officially handed over to their relatives that on abduction by the rebels, their vehicles were either taken or set ablaze by the rebels.

“It was a Sunday that I approached them (rebels) and stopped me. They asked me to park the vehicle in the middle of a bridge in Yei,” Dauda Sebandeke told journalists.

“They dragged me out of the vehicle and forced me to walk. They then told me to stop and look behind only to realize my vehicle (Trailer) had been set ablaze.”

Ssebandeke narrated that the rebels took them to a nearby barracks before they moved to a bigger one where they were beaten and detained.

The rescued Ugandans say they were tortured and forced to work for the rebels

The rescued Ugandans say they were tortured and forced to work for the rebels

According to Hassan Muliika, on reaching the barracks, he was forced to work for the rebels as their servant.

“I cultivated their gardens and did all other different kinds of work for them. They were speaking mostly Arabic as their language of communication,” he said.

The police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi told journalists that these were rescued by the South Sudanese police and handed over to their Ugandan counterparts as part of the memorandum of understanding signed recently by the 2 police forces.

“We are happy for this achievement but we want to assure Ugandans that the hunt is still on for more people abducted by South Sudanese rebels,” Kaweesi noted.

He however said there is a challenge of the many Ugandans abducted who are not known, adding that efforts are ongoing to have them all rescued.

“We urge Ugandans to always be cautious while traveling to and inside South Sudan and always alert police at the border before moving for easy tracing.”

He noted that over 20 people who were abducted from buses recently are still missing and the search is on.


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